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Healers' Set  4 essence fusions for Health Professionals to augment the effects of your healing techniques and therapies!  Drug-free and no contra-indications.  Convenient 30 ml atomizers for topical application PLUS 30 ml Clear and Protect for clearing and protecting your own energy field.  

$150 value  $120  (Save $30!)


     .Stress Buster!   A few light spritzes to neck and shoulders quickly relieves the emotional effects of stress and restores serenity without loss of mental alertness  30 ml atomizer

     .AH  AH assists with dissolving the origins of pain and inflammation.  We've combined the frequency of DNA repair and the soothing frequencies of living flower frequencies to help quickly dissolve the detrimental effects of the low frequencies of long-held emotional pain and resentment.  The higher frequencies of AH activate and accelerate the body's own healing capacity.  AH can help with a wide range of healing issues that have not responded well to traditional medical treatment (because the cause is actually emotional) ... such as arthritis, bursitis, and inflammation.  It also enhances the efficacy of natural therapies by helping to release trapped energy in tissue   30 ml atomizer
     .AH PLUS  Helps dissolve the lower frequencies of deeply held emotional pain or resentment that is stored in the weaker areas of the body and may contribute to injuries and breakdown.  AH PLUS contains the pain relief frequencies of AH, with added frequencies that soothe and provide comfort and frequencies that encourage unity and strength!   Wounds, incisions and fractures seem to respond especially well to these beneficial frequencies, without need for medication  30 ml atomizer
     .AH Flexible  Helps to dissolve the lower frequencies of inflexible mental patterns such as stubbornness, resistance, unforgiveness, and fear that may contribute to impaired flexibility in joints.  Ideal for hips, knees, elbows, ankles, shoulders  30 ml atomizer
     .Clear & Protect  clears your energetic field of negativity and emotional debris picked up from your clients.  Eliminates static in your energy field to enhance your intuition, which can help you be a more effective healer  30 ml


Upgrade to 60 ml size bottles!   $250 value  $175  (SAVE $75!)


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