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Dissolving Anger

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"Dissolving Anger"
Anger is not always a bad thing.  Feelings of anger or outrage are meant to alert you to the presence of injustice or a lack of fairness.  However, when uncontrolled or misdirected, anger will negatively impact your life and your relationships.  It can also damage your liver.  You need to find a place of calm neutrality so that you can sort out the how and why of what you are really feeling and then ask for what you need  
DISSOLVING ANGER quickly and effortlessly dissolves feelings of rage, anger, animosity, road rage, impatience, frustration, vengeance, even when those feelings have been long-held.  It's like surrounding yourself with Baker-Miller Pink!  You simply cannot feel angry with this essence!  Quickly transforms anger into lightness and joy
Use for 21 days for long-held anger and feelings of injustice.  Use for 3-5 days whenever needed to quell occasional outbursts of anger 
30 ml @ $30 
"Imagine a huge ocean where the sound of a huge explosion is heard deep under water. Then moments later all kinds of crap surfaces. That’s how this essence has effected me. Old crap that was deep has been brought to light. And now I’m given the opportunity to examine and release."  Daniel O  Pico Rivera CA



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