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Heartbreak Heal

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"Heartbreak Heal"

A beautiful loving essence for those who have experienced a broken heart or painful broken relationship and are finding it hard to move on.  The ideal essence fusion to use following a relationship breakup or heartbreak of any kind!  

Dissolves heartache.  Helps to open your heart again.  Helpful for those who are unable to let go of a past relationship, have been rejected or abandoned, or are afraid to enter another relationship.  Especially helpful when you have ended a relationship, but have unresolved feelings and defensive behaviour that prevents you from having a healthy new relationship.  Defensive behaviour includes attracting unhealthy relationships or 'unavailable' partners to ensure you stay emotionally 'safe'   

Overwrites heartbreak, rejection, hurt feelings, defensiveness, and aloneness.  Releases emotional pain and broken heart and promotes forgiveness.  Allows you to cut the cords from past relationships and move forward with your heart open. Helps to dissolve defensive behaviours that hold others at bay and prevents healthy intimacy.  Allows you to feel strong and radiate love


Use for 21 days

30 ml @ $30


"It's interesting, I did not understand that forgiveness is a really, really big issue with me until I got 3/4 done with Heartbreak Heal, it's like scales fell off my eyes!"  Mychelle W  California


"Since taking the essence and the shift in energies I have noticed that I no longer spend time thinking and worrying about the past relationship. (Yeah!)  This new peace about that part of my history feels wonderful.”  Nadine W  Toronto ON



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