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Shield for Children

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"Shield for Children"  

Energetic protection for children who are bullied or very sensitive and easily affected by those in their environment.  Instills greater confidence and ability to set boundaries  

Helpful for children who are subjected to divorce or conflict in the home, and for psychically 'sensitive' children.  Try it at bedtime for children who see or feel spirits or are afraid of the dark, and children who are afraid to go to sleep.  Provides a sense of protection and safety

Not to be used by children under 8yrs

Use as needed   


30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50



"6 days on Shield has helped my daughter tremendously. She says she doesn't feel other peoples bad energy like before. Now someone that dislikes her can stand right besides her and she won't feel the goosebumps she used to."   Domenica F  Rio Grande



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