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We have a philosophy at Enlightened Feelings.  We believe that as you change yourself and raise our own vibration, you begin to effect others in positive ways.  You become like ripples on a pond, your grace gently but surely spreading outward into the world.  Others begin to want the happiness and inner peace that you have found .... and so they, too, begin to change in positive ways .... and so it goes

We invite you to share with those you love the peace and inner joy you have found with our amazing essences ..... Share your story!  Inspire others to heal!  It's effortless!  Your world changes just by changing you!  We call it 'The Enlightened Feelings Effect'! 

We are delighted that we receive so many wonderful unsolicited testimonials from all over North America.  Here are just a few of hundreds of lovely comments we've received from people who have used our living flower essence remedies

We are so grateful to our clients for generously sharing their stories and validating the care and love and personal attention we put into all our products!   See many more testimonials for our custom testing.  Thank you!


"I started with Flow for 3 days. Then I moved on to I am Blessed for 3 days. I took Love Magnet only one day before departing to Dubai and then I didn't resume taking Love Magnet again until after I returned home a week later. When I tell you my trip was absolutely amazing and people, things and experiences were magnetically drawn to me, I am not exaggerating. It was magical. 
Even my best friend who was traveling with me was saying to me that she couldn't understand what or how but I had an energy surrounding me that has these things magnetized to me. She said whatever you are doing keep doing cause something is on you."  Isis T  MD

I feel I have broken thru some old patterns of thought behaviors and emotional reactions and am able to recognize those patterns more readily.  Jamie P  FL

"I've tried many things, but to be honest your flower essences have helped me the most.  They have changed my life"  Elizabeth H  Nashville TN

"...definitely something to this… I feel different in a good way.  I continue to be amazed at how quietly this all works"  Jeanne C  Estero FL

"I feel like I have achieved the honesty I was looking for, I am feeling like I have made the shift & am consciously (& unconsciously) working towards being my authentic self. I have found the motivation & am walking through the path of uncertainty & have exciting plans in place.."  Kelly K  Ft Erie ON

"The essences are very subtle and powerful; couple of dreams bringing up past that I haven't thought about in a long time.  Does appear to be an element of forgiveness around it.  Amazing!  thank you so much"  Caren K  Life Coach  Buffalo NY

 "Within the first week, older issues in regards to money resurfaced, however with a profound and much deeper understanding, a gentle manner with ease of communication and clarity.  No struggle and no fear.  Seeing from a higher perspective.There has been an increase in abundant support, both physical and non-physical.  A stronger willingness on my part to accept and receive with joy.
The most profound changes I have experienced are within the realm of spirit.  More visions, voices/guidance, more `miracles` witnessed.  Heightened awareness. Thanks so much..."  Tracey R  Angels Landing  Wainfleet ON

Painting with essences:    "I just wanted to share something with you that your bottles of magic helped inspire and create. I like to paint just colors and images that make me happy. Well I made a spray out of that magical bottle of I Feel Blessed using essential oils and high vibrational water. I have sprayed down myself and my home. The vibration that it brought in was breathtaking.

So this weekend I decided to paint. I took some pigments and mixed with a few drops of I Feel Blessed. I then took my water to rinse my brushes and added a few drops plus some essential oils. I sprayed my canvas with my spray that I had made as well as my brushes. As I painted I would stop and spray each layer and my self. What came through was a burst of high vibrational colors that has me truly mesmerized with the frequency that it gives off. A friend of my mine is a full time psychic and he said it was a concentration of amazing energies. I can't wait till my next order. And yes hopefully we will get to meet some day :). I can't wait to see what flows my way next."  Dusty R  Texas

"There has been such a marked improvement in her (my sister's) joy, in just 4 weeks.   Truly amazing, I have brought her to many natural healings and I've never seen such a change.  I can hear true joy in her voice... She  suffers from chronic pain and has not needed any medicine for weeks."  Jeanne C  FL

"I took the drops in the morning as directed.  The next morning I woke up with a dream still in my mind, where I was standing in a long hall, my goal was at the other end of the hall, and there was a mountain of junk between me and my goal.  The next minute the mountain of junk had been parted like the Red Sea, junk on either side, some of it gone, but a clear path from where I was standing to my goal, and the understanding that I could just walk the path to my goal, or I could let the junk distract me, I could let the junk pull my focus back to it, and not be focused on the goal, free will, my choice.
Every morning that week I woke up with dreams that were stuff to be cleared, which I sent into the Sacred Fire, and the next week the dreams were no longer clear in my mind, like they were just being cleared themselves, as I had built up some momentum.  Happier now than 2 weeks ago for sure ..."  Heather H  Allan Sask

"I feel more calm and able to deal with multiple disappointments and family members with serious issues.  I am not as reactive and I am letting things flow thru me." Shirle  Buffalo NY

After taking Broken Heart Heal  
This, is a way which grief has seemed to feel to me over this past year & a half:
from fading colors,
to dark blue colors,
to soft pink colors,
to dreary gray colors,
to warm yellow colors,
& now, to peaceful turquoise colors~
Thank you, so very much, for your support!
& Praise God for grief healing!!!
~from Ruthie
*In loving memory of Mom*
at Mother's Day time, 2017~

"A big thaw.  I don't care what people think.  I feel unencumbered.  I give permission to myself to sing, allowing my divinity to be expressed."  Karen U  St Catharines ON

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