How Physical Symptoms Alert you to an Emotional or Mental State

According to author Louise Hay and scientist Bruce Lipton, physical symptoms are merely tangible evidence of what is going on in your unconscious mind and how you are REALLY feeling deep inside.  Author Calvin Banyan explains that your emotions play a crucial role in ensuring your needs are met.  If feelings are ignored, your subconsious mind must find another way to get its message across and help you see that your deeper needs are not being met

Symptoms are the way your body alerts you to to this.  Both animals and humans show physical symptoms when they have an out-of-balance emotional state  

How does this happen?  Russian space scientists were the first to discover that every time you have a thought or feeling, it triggers the release of tiny chemical proteins called neuropeptides.   American cellular biologist Candace Pert began to explore this phenomenon in the early 1970's.  She outlined the critical role neuropeptides play in metabolic function.  Your cells produce hundreds of different NP's, each with its own unique function.  Hormones, endorphins, cortisol, and adrenalin are some examples  

How does your body know which neuropeptides to release in any given situation?  Our research has demonstrated that every emotional state has its own identifiable frequency.  As you experience an emotion, its electric energy activates photons within your cells and throughout your neural pathways.  Your body then releases appropriate neuro-peptides in response 

Positive emotions will elicit beneficial NP's such as endorphins, norepinephrine, or oxytocin.  Negative emotions will elicit NP's that are helpful when an immediate response or action is required, but become harmful when released over a prolonged period of time.  An example of this are the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin.  These NP's trigger your 'fight-or-flight response.'  That can be helpful if you need to fight or run.  But, over time, even low levels of these stress hormones will begin to damage your body

So, any prolonged negative mental state will inevitably weaken a correlating area of your body.  By the time you see physical symptoms, you've probably held that state of being for quite some time

"Under the sustaining influence of love, the physical body is always at its best.  It is probably true that more people are sick from lack of love in their lives than from all other causes put together"  Eric Butterworth


Scientists are now able to measure the physiological effects of emotional states.  Your body actually becomes weaker or stronger depending on your mental state.  Shame holds the lowest vibration, followed by guilt and then apathy, grief, fear, anxiety, craving, anger and hate.  Conversely, trust, optimism, willingness, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, love, reverence, joy, serenity and enlightenment strengthen you

see a larger image of the Spectrum of Emotions

Your heart emits a much stronger electro-magnetic force field than your brain.  So, your brain entrains with your heart, and matches its biological rythm.  That means if you feel love, appreciation and gratitude in your heart, your brain will entrain with that and enter a coherent pattern.  If your heart feels anger, frustration or fear, your brain will entrain with that and go into an incoherent pattern 

Recent medical studies prove that depression is a greater cause of heart disease than smoking.  Researchers found that in depressed people the blood platelets became more sticky, clogging arteries and veins. Depressed people lose hope.  They have simply given up on getting their needs met.  Lacking a feeling of satisfaction and empowerment, they view life from a negative perspective

Pay attention to what was happening in your life at the time of an accident or injury.  Recall your mental state and how you were FEELING at that time.  When an accident occurs, your emotional weak areas are where an injury will gravitate

Your bio-energetic process is a combination of verbal, intellectual, physical and psycho-emotional states of harmony or conflict.  For instance, the left side of your body reflects the problem has its roots in your past, while the right side reflects how to feel about your future.  This isn't conjecture.  It is simply how the limbic brain functions 

Injuries or pain generally appear either on one side of the body.  One-sided pain issues do not reflect a weakness on one side of the body or the other.  They reflect the side of you that feels confused or unsupported

Your left side  Based on the functions of your brain's hemispheres, your left side holds your past, your emotional self, your memories and emotional pain

Your right side  Your right side organizes and moves you forward into the future.  When you are experiencing problems on your right side, you may feel stuck or hampered in moving forward.  Or you may be experiencing unwanted change that is causing fear or trepidation

Your front side reveals your social self, the part of you that is consciously shared with the world.  It reflects those aspects of yourself that are active ingredients in your day-to-day living.  This includes communication, desire, caring, loving, happiness, sadness.  These show in your face, posture and body language

Your back side, however, reflects private and unconscious elements of your life.  This side becomes the storehouse for everything you don't want to deal with or don't want other people to see.  Hidden or unexpressed feelings become frozen into the structure of your body.  That means a lot of negative emotions become stored along your spine and in the backs of your legs.  Most of your powerful emotions such as anger and fear are stored in your back.  This pulls your body out of balance

Think of it like a house, with the living room all neatly arranged to present an appropriate social image, while the attic and basement are crammed with junk, memories and remnants of your life 

While your situation and attitude may eventually change, the initial damage created by your body's 'chemical programming' won't change unless you deliberately 'reset' it.  For instance, your heart may have begun to show problems because you lacked love for many years.  You may not have seen or recognized any symptoms at that time.  Now you have found love and are happy.  But, your heart is showing signs of damage

That's because you haven't cancelled out the earlier 'chemical programming' at the cellular level.  In fact, the lifestyle change will precipitate the release of beneficial neuropeptides that may actually bring the initial issue to the forefront of your awareness to show you where you were out of balance

The good news is that higher, faster frequencies of positive emotions can nullify and dissipate negativity.  You have the power within you to increase your vibration rate and access the highest fastest energies to nullify problems in your life.  We can assist you ...   


Headaches and hitting your head are the equivalent of a rap on the head to say "wake up and pay attention".  You are ignoring your intuition--your gut feelings, or you are ignoring your own deep needs 

Pain in the back of the head  C1-C5 (where it joins to the spine) or pain in the neck means you believe you have made mistakes and haven't yet forgiven yourself.  You (and perhaps others) are judging yourself harshly.  A helpful daily self-help trick .... Look yourself in the mirror, cover this area in your right palm, and repeatedly say "I am not guilty and I forgive myself for any mistakes I have made"

Eyes are like windows.  They provide your perspective of the world.  Nearsighted people tend to live in the moment and not plan for their future.  Farsighted people tend to plan for the future and project their thoughts to the 'what if's'.   They have a hard time staying in the here and now

          Eye problems can indicate you aren't looking at something clearly, or don't want to examine something.  Check the windows in your home.  Are they dirty and murky, too?  Often something as simple as cleaning your windows or getting new glasses can tell your brain "I want to see this situation more clearly"

Hearing problems or excess wax buildup indicate you don't want to hear what is going on around you. You are effectively 'tuning out'

Your mouth is how you taste the world.  It deals with your senses, your 'sensuality'.  When you lose your taste or your hearing, you are disconnecting from the physical world.  Your 2nd chakra and your throat chakra is out of balance.  Therefore, you are denying yourself pleasure or fullfillment of your desires.  2nd chakra deals with self identity, your creativity, your sexuality, and how you experience yourself in relation to others.  When you disconnect from the world or other people, you disconnect from yourself.  Learn more about why you need to pay attention to your senses ...   

Neck, cervical vertebrae, and upper shoulders support your head and must be flexible.  Your neck is the bridge between your head (logic) and your feelings (body).  It is also the most narrow point on your body, so energy can easily become restricted here.  The throat/thymus area is the point where your soul enters and leaves your body.  A blockage in your throat area can cause feelings that you don't want to stay in your physical body

      Your neck sits between your brain and your heart--the two electric command centres of your body. Electrical impulses passing between your heart and brain integrate analytical thinking with emotional desires and feelings.  Differences between what the brain thinks and the heart desires can leave you feeling scattered, stuck, confused or powerless.  Decisions become difficult.  More importantly, disparity between heart and mind is the root cause of many physical disorders and dysfunctions

      Thyroid disorders, laryngitis, and TMJ are especially indicative of an imbalance between thought and desire.  Those who experience injustice because they don't speak up or ask for what they want, are likely to experience these issues 

      Tension and stiffness in the neck area indicate inflexibility--not willing to look at other possibilities.  Your prosperity consciousness may be out of balance.  You may be worrying about money, or placing too much emphasis on money, or not enough attention on creating security.  You may be judging or doubting your ability to make money.  Maybe you don't want to acknowledge that money is important.  Or maybe those around you are out of balance in their prosperity consciousness.  Perhaps you have your head turned backward looking at your past and are judging yourself?

       Your neck is where you hold guilt and self-recrimination.  Are you not forgiving yourself?

Arms and hands reach out to others.  Are you stifling your need to reach out and connect with others?  Are you feeling alone and isolated?  Are you feeling rejected?

Lungs and heart sustain your life.  When you aren't sharing love, your heart and lungs deteriorate.  Deep grief affects your lungs and heart.   Have you experienced loss, betrayal, or rejection?  Expressing love is more important than receiving love.  You can intellectually know that someone loves you.  You can experience demonstrations of that love.  But, you cannot FEEL their love.  The only way to actually FEEL love is to express it yourself.  When you are in a state of love, your heart chakra and whole chest area expands.  Your body's vibration raises.  You feel happy, elevated, alive.  You feel closer to God or something larger than yourself.  Loving, therefore, is really a gift to yourself--not to another. 

          So, stop feeling sorry for yourself if you think that no one loves you!  That vibration is killing you!  Realize that you DO NOT have to have personal love in order to feel love. You can feel unconditional love for everyone in your life, for humanity, for your pets, for the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet, for yourself.  You can take action to seek closeness with others, instead of waiting for people to come to you.  The important thing is that you allow yourself to feel love.  It is your natural state.  Expressing love attracts love from others.  Get a pet and love it.  Volunteer to help others.  Let yourself be overwhelmed by beauty.  Let your love out!    

Your spinal column and skeleton literally support your body.  Problems with your skeletal structure indicates obstacles and challenges in your life that are affecting you mentally and emotionally.  Back pain reveals feeling a lack of support

          Upper (thoracic) vertebrae are connected to your heart chakra.  (see heart and lungs above)  Eyes, heart, heart chakra, and lungs are often affected by injury to the thoracic vertebrae.  Perhaps you don't feel any love in your life or don't feel supported by love?    

          Mid thoracic section of your spine can affect your stomach, digestion, liver, gall bladder, adrenal gland, and reproductive organs.  Middle back pain is carrying the weight of the past, not listening to your needs, feeling divided, and experiencing fear or anxiety

          Lumbar (lower) vertebrae and tailbone can affect the reproductive organs, hips, large intestine, immune system, kidneys and bladder.  The consequences of your childhood show up in this area of your body.  Lumbar also causes family and security issues to surface.  Damage here will block the root chakra, leading you to feel insecure and anxious as you turn your personal power and happiness over to others.  You may fear success or failure.  You will perceive a lack of financial support in your life--making you feel as though you are struggling alone.  A victim mentality may be be developing.  Are you blaming others?  Your creativity and sexuality may be stifled.  Routinely crossing you legs or clasping your hands in front of this area is an indication of imbalance in the lumbar region

Chronic pain   Resentment and bitterness are like acid.  They cause inflammation and pain.  Stubborn, inflexible resentment goes to the knees and joints--the parts of your body that are designed to be open and flexible.  Arthritis is bottled-up hurt         

Cancer can indicate a deep secret, hatred, guilt, or grief 'eating away' at you.  Breast and uterine cancer reveals a lack of nurturing or self-nurturing in your life, or an inability to nurture others

Stomach and digestion are your physical assimilation process.  Likewise, you assimilate information from your environment and process your emotions.  Digestive problems occur when you have an inability to 'digest' or absorb what is going on in your environment or inside your head or heart

Liver and gall bladder help all your other organs work together harmoniously and in balance.  Your liver also holds your drive to live or survive.  If your liver or gallbladder becomes constricted, energy slows to a standstill.  This creates a backlog of energy that erupts as anger, irritation, impatience and frustration.   By the same token, negative emotions such as resentment and anger weaken your liver.  Diseases of the liver, such as Hep-C show long-held suppressed anger.  Resentment and anger will also manifest as arthritis and degenerative states of your bones.  There is also a correlation between anger and heart disease and stroke (constriction of energy), and urinary problems ('pissed off')

Reproduction is our most creative process.  It is how we expand and extend our inner selves into our environment.   Problems with your reproductive system--uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, testes, fertility--show that your 1st and 2nd chakra are out of balance.  2nd chakra deals with your self identity, individuality, creativity, sexuality, and your ability to experience pleasure.  It's how you experience yourself in relation to others.  1st chakra is your root of being.  It holds your survival issues, your sense of personal security.  When you are feeling insecure, you will experience problems with your repoductive system.  Your insecurity can also lead to insecurity about your future child, leading to infertitilty.  You may believe 'the world is not a safe place'.  Feeling vulnerable can also lead to shut down of the reproductive organs, or problems such as dryness and irritation in the vagina or vulva.  After all, it is the most vulnerable spot on a woman--the place where you allow someone else to literally 'enter you'.  Stifling your creativity can also lead to problems with your reproductive system.

Hips, legs and calves are how you move forward in life.  Your legs, calves and feet store much of your trauma, resentment, jealousy, and emotional pain, both past and present, especially in regard to your family.  Problems in this area show a block in the root chakra, which makes you feel fearful of moving forward or making changes.  You may be experiencing issues about your self identity.  You may not feel any support in your life--as though you are the one supporting everyone else, or as though you cannot support yourself 

Knees and feet carry the energy of your negative emotions.  That is because the vibration of negative emotions is lower, heavier, and more dense, causing these feelings to drop to the lowest points of your body.  Inflammation here shows you are nursing hurt feelings.  Stubborn, inflexible resentment goes to the knees and joints--the parts of your body that are designed to be open and flexible.  Are you being rigid and inflexible?  Have you created too many rules in your life?  Are you holding on to the past and carrying the heavy weight of this? 

Auto-immune disorders such as Lupus, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia result from your body turning on itself.  It's as though your brain perceives you as your own enemy

If how you respond to people and to life is different than how you really feel, you send mixed messages within your body, confusing the neural impulses.  A lack of authenticity, personal integrity and self-integration is self-destructive, as is the need to be a victim.  Harbouring deep guilt, self-recrimination or self-loathing will eventually cause your body to punish itself.  Unconditional self-love is a powerful stimulant to the immune system

Weight Gain and Eating Disorders  Eating for any other reason than nutrition is emotional eating.  It is an unconscious survival strategy, with complex triggers.  Read more on the 10+ emotional causes of weight gain....


Don't wait for disconnect between your body and mind to create pain or health issues.  Take steps now to achieve perfect balance between your thoughts and feelings and your body.  Try our Botanical Bio-frequencies ... or a custom photo test ...  









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