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April 26, 2023 @ 7:00 AM

We finally found a way to capture the frequencies of each unique essence fusion!  Our testing cards were originally developed for use in our Practitioner Training Program.  But, we have discovered that they are an amazingly helpful tool for everyone!


The new images depicting each of our flower essence fusions are gorgeous!  Have you noticed them on our flower fusion pages?  As you look at the images you can actually feel their amazing energy! 


Did you know that we have more than 100 different live flower essence fusions?  And we add new formulas all the time!


These testing cards can be used in a multitude of practical ways .... pressed against your chest for a quick ......

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April 17, 2023 @ 8:17 AM

"It’s the unconscious hope to finally feel seen and loved that is wounding you."  Jeff Brown


It was Mother’s Day, 1984.  I walked into the room with a massive vase of fragrant red roses and baby’s breath.  My mother lay in the hospital bed on the far side of the room 

Murmurs of delight came from 3 other patients in the room.  But, my mother deliberately and defiantly looked away as I set down the vase and cheerfully wished her a happy mother’s day  

She pursed her lips and turned her head to the window.  I waited … and waited.  And then quietly left


Deep Wounds of ChildhoodWhen I returned the next day the roses were at the nurse’s desk.  Another ............

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April 10, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

To manifest your wishes and desires more readily, your vibration has to be as light and high as possible.  As Benjamin Disraeli said, “You will never go any higher than you think”


This means your health should be optimal, the food you eat healthy and nutritious, and you must practice forgiveness

Organic food carries a much higher vibration than commercially farmed produce.  Vegetarian diets free the body of heavy digestion.  Fresh live foods naturally possess more life energy than meat (dead animals) or processed foods

Supplement your diet with quality nutritional products, such as super-foods supplements.  It is important to ensure plenty of minerals in your body as calcium ions promote .........

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April 3, 2023 @ 8:50 AM

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to single out one animal in a herd of zebras or buffalo?  Nature has designed prey animals of each species to look and act alike.  Quite often they congregate in herds for greater safety.  This is how nature helps prey animals to have a better chance of survival


Humans are also ‘herd animals’.  So, we have many of the same psychological traits as other prey animals.  We instinctively seek the safety and security of conforming and belonging to the ‘group’.  But, in doing so, we must give up much of our individuality 



The grief and loss that accompanies abandonment or rejection of self is often perceived as feeling .........

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