December 6, 2023 @ 5:03 AM

Do you find yourself surrounded by negative people and situations   Are you being negative and seeing the downside in everyone and every situation?  

Well, negativity isn't your natural state.  In fact, it is a social thing!

Habitual negativity is learned and adopted from your surroundings and from your childhood experiences.  Did you grow up in a dysfunctional home?  Are you a fan of television, movies, the internet, and the news?  Media is rife with negative messages.  Is your home or workplace riddled with drama, chaos, conflict or excitement?  You might come to believe that is just life 


But, your natural state is happiness and positivity.  Since negativity is an unnatural state, it draws your attention and focus to it more readily.  It feels exciting and distracting  

Negative excitement doesn't distract you from worry and anxiety.  It actually heightens it, keeps you from experiencing restful sleep, and inhibits your immune system  


What happens when you watch a horror movie?  You feel fear, right?  Your muscles tense, your heart beats faster, you might even scream ... Even though your brain tells you this isn't real, your still body acts as though the threat is real and releases stress hormones which cause physiological reactions

The thing is, the human sensory brain cannot differentiate between truth and fiction.  It receives information and simply responds chemically and electrically to this information.  The experience of drama, pessimism, or fear causes damaging neuropeptides such as adrenaline and cortisol to be released from your cells 


Over a short period of time (about 3 weeks of exposure), you can become so conditioned to releasing these neuro-peptides that you are no longer aware of how seeing and hearing these negative or frightful sights and sounds affects you.  It now feels normal that your mind and body needs excitement to function.  Otherwise, it feels vaguely like something is missing, you might feel bored, tired, lethargic, or irritable, short-tempered and out of sorts.  You might begin to crave stimulants such as caffeine (coffee or green tea), cocaine, or sugar (soda pop, candy or desserts) or chocolate, or foods to which you are allergic 

You begin to need more and more excitement to feed your adrenaline 'fix'.  So, your mind begins to over-react to situations or conversations, resulting in angry fights and misunderstandings.  You now unconsciously create more drama by focusing on crises and negative situations



The first step in reclaiming your natural joy is to go on a negativity diet for 30 days.  Turn off all thrilling, or dramatic television shows, 'reality shows', news, internet feeds, and video games.  Cold turkey!  For 30 days  

Instead, choose inspirational TV programs.  Watching these types of entertainment will elicit beneficial neuropeptides (NP's) to support vibrant health.  You can find inspirational movies and TV series on You Tube; classics such as Highway to Heaven and Touched By An Angel.  Laughter also releases beneficial NP’s, so enjoy some comedies!

This is the fastest and most personal way to see how media affects your negative view of the world.  After 30 days, try watching your favourite crime drama.  You'll quickly realize how much your body and mind feel shocked and overwhelmed


Meditate  Or listen to new age music while reading, doing chores or cooking.  YouTube offers a wide variety of relaxation music.  Look for music infused with 528 hz, as this frequency will prompt beneficial neuropeptides!  Inner peace helps your immune system to function optimally and supports effortlessly getting your life back on track


Spend time outdoors  Oxygen and frequencies emitted by trees and flowers can help you to feel more relaxed and happy.  Plants act to absorb negative emotions.  Walking barefoot on grass or sand is also very grounding


Adrenaline is highly addictive. It takes at least 6 weeks (42 days) to break an 'adrenaline habit.'  For pointers on how to end your addiction to adrenaline, see our blog post


Helpful living flower essences can be found under Natural Remedies for Stress & Anxiety Relief  


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