November 30, 2023 @ 9:32 AM


Not everyone remembers Christmas with joy and fondness.  For many it is a time of dysfunctional family dynamics, unhappy memories,  loneliness, grief, or unfulfilled dreams  

How about you?

I am one of those many people who dreaded Christmas for most of my adult years  

When I was a child my mother and older sister always made Christmas seem especially magical and memorable.  But, in later years, my mother's own bitter unhappiness made her choose to make everyone else suffer too.  She created so many unhappy Christmases that I came to dread the holiday season and the rejection and loneliness that came with it  

For many years, I turned Christmas into a time of helping those less fortunate and those who were alone at Christmas.  But it never seemed to assuage the aching heart the holidays inevitably created


All that changed when I decided to change how I celebrate Christmas.  My goal was to create wonderful new memories and start a new tradition that would allow me to celebrate every Christmas season in a more positive life-affirming way  

Each year I travel to an exotic destination.  I explore the world, enjoy new cultural experiences, and thrill at the beauty and majesty of this planet.  I get to experience new Christmas traditions in other countries, relax and feel pampered with wonderful banquets, spa services, and smiling hotel staff catering to my every need.  I come home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and excited to start a new year 


Christmas has now become a happy occasion for me.  I don't celebrate with gifts or engage in traditional family dinners.  I don't hang lights or decorate a Christmas tree.  I don't wear myself out with obligations 


If Christmas is a painful time of sadness, loneliness or dysfunctional family dynamics, we invite you to make a radical change to how you celebrate the holidays  

You can't change your family.  But you CAN change what you do and how you feel 


If you are someone who dreads Christmas, we have wonderful living essence fusions can can help with effortlessly releasing your stress, heal your past, or help you feel happy and young at heart.  You will gain the freedom to walk unencumbered through life ... free to build wonderful new memories without the pain of your past getting in the way  

When you take down the walls that separate you from others, the whole universe opens up with generosity to support you

It doesn't matter whether you are feeling deep grief caused by the loss of a loved one at Christmas  ... angry and resentful toward the past or family members ... overwhelmed by the chaos of the holidays ... or feeling lonely, rejected and unloved.  We have essence fusions to help you feel happier, serene, more loved, more forgiving, and more in balance.  And that inevitably creates a more wonderful life  


So ... What are you waiting for?  


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