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how we block Universal Abundance
14 May 2010


Did you know that opening your heart to receiving is one of the prerequisites for having an abundant life? 
Many people are GREAT givers. They are highly generous. They give and give constantly. That’s because it makes them feel good about themselves and makes them feel they are making a difference to others. 
But, they are very poor receivers. They are very uncomfortable accepting or receiving anything … whether it is a compliment, attention, an opportunity, a promotion, a gift, expansion or positive change, or even personal love      
To experience abundance in your life, you have to complete the energetic circuit of both giving AND receiving. You have to create balance by allowing the flow of universal energy to move in both directions—to and from—so that it can become complete, whole, balanced. This is the principle of holistism. YANG is masculine, outgoing, giving, active. YIN is feminine, receptive. If you are a great giver, you have to become a GREAT receiver, too!
Here’s your challenge Practice graciously and joyously receiving EVERYTHING in your life, without guilt or a need to reciprocate. Allow others to experience the pleasure of your happy acceptance of their gifts, their money, their compliments. Act with gratitude and joy that the universe is bestowing wonderful things upon you. And keep your arms open wide to receive opportunities and gifts of any kind.  (Our Abundance transformational essence or I Am Deserving can help!)
That’s not as easy as it may seem.  Here are some clues that you are a poor receiver…..
·    When someone gives you a gift or does you a favour, you automatically want to repay in kind
·    You often volunteer your services but never ask others to assist you
·    You feel embarrassed or awkward receiving gifts, money, attention or compliments
.    You rarely feel grateful or appreciative
·    You are struggling with money or lack in your life
·    You have failed relationships, no relationship, or relationships where your needs are not met       
2nd Chakra Connection Your ability to receive or to experience pleasure and self-expression is rooted in the 2nd chakra. Spiritual people tend to focus on the top 4 chakras—heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown. They neglect the lower chakras because these chakras are connected to the tangible—the physical world. This inhibits their connection to the physical world, and their ability to receive
Here are some signs your 2nd chakra is out of balance
·         You dislike the colour orange
·         You are not sexually active
·         You work more than you play
·         jealousy
·         You do not have a healthy personal relationship, relationship with food, or relationship with money
·         low self-esteem
·         Control issues or fear of losing control
·         Problems with the reproductive organs, or digestive problems
·         Addiction, habit, or over-indulgence in some area of life such as sex, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, drugs, food, sugars
·         You don’t feel a clear identity
·         You have a hard time distinguishing your personal emotions from the emotions of others 
Creating walls for safety Many times we create a wall or defence of some kind when we’ve been hurt or disappointed and don’t want to get hurt again. We create a silent rule that it isn’t safe to let that situation happen again. 
But, if you have a wall or defence up for ANY reason or even in just one area of your life, you are blocking receiving in ALL areas of your life.  It might only be that you don’t want to get hurt again, and therefore have your defenses up. But, the universe feels resistance and responds to it as rejection.  It doesn't matter what your particular block or resistance is for--the universe only feels rejection.  That means you are missing all sorts of wonderful things--opportunities, money, friendships, and the good things in life because the universe respects that you don't want to receive. It gives the abundance to someone who WILL receive it 
To tap into universal abundance, all you have to do is open yourself to receiving and welcome all that comes. 
Here are some clues that you are blocking
·         You keep saying ‘not now, maybe later’
·         You have a hard time forgiving or letting go of the past
·         You feel overwhelmed 
·         You don’t want to have a relationship or you set up conditions on your relationship or friendships
·         You resist changing any aspect of your life, even if it isn’t working
·         You limit expansion of your business or your income (reasons and excuses ARE limiting)
·         Your life isn’t the way you wish it could be
Do you have walls in your life? Does your life feel like it isn’t what it should be? Are you overwhelmed? Enlightened Feelings can assist you when you are ready.  We will help you release your blocks effortlessly and dissolve self-limiting beliefs that are preventing your happiness.  In just 3 days your whole life could begin to change in a positive way .  

Lori D'Ascenzo



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