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  Lollipop Vervain  

Oh my!  You aren't being very tolerant of your mistakes and your negative qualities, are you?

Why do you hold such impossibly high standards for yourself?    When you judge yourself so harshly, you become burdened with guilt, blame, grudges, and remorse.  Then you begin to begin to sabotage and punish yourself.   Are you getting headaches or pressure in the upper neck and back of the head?  Is your neck stiff or in pain?  That's guilt at work!

If you feel undeserving, how can you allow yourself to accept the nurturing and love you really need?  What will nourish your inner child so that you can be softer and more gentle? 

Time to stop being so harsh on yourself ... and others!  If you don't, you may begin to treat others through the same judgmental lens.  This will only make you feel more flawed and undeserving

A little self kindness, self-tolerance, and self-forgiveness is much needed!  Take a hot bath in epsom salts and add some of our amazing flower frequencies to wash away that negativity !

Recommended Remedies:  Be Kind to Yourself ~ Self Acceptance ~ Self Forgiveness Love Yourself ~ I Am Deserving ~ Dissolving Anger ~ Guilt Release    see all our remedies for nurturing & support


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You are a shy introvert in a world of gregarious extroverts.  You're a person who thinks and feels deeply, aware and alert, comfortable in silence and stillness while the world rushes on

It is really challenging for you to feel comfortable in social situations, because you are naturally threat-oriented.  Criticism hurts you.  You worry if you think something unpleasant is going to happen or if you might make a mistake

Your special gifts lie in being a thinker.  You are a quiet leader.  For you, solitude fuels ideas, intelligent thought, and innovation.  People throw you off balance   

You might secretly wish you could be more outgoing and open to engaging with others, but, small talk and meaningless conversations are uncomfortable and people sometimes annoy you.  You don't like attention placed on you, so even a birthday party in your honor can feel excruciating

It's OK to stay true to your temperament and find work and carefully selected friendships that are meaningful to you.  But, occasionally it helps to pretend to be an extrovert!  Just be sure to take time afterward to be alone and rebalance   

Life could open up with more opportunities, pleasurable experiences, and friendships if you could only feel more at ease within yourself and experience a greater sense of personal security by being able to set boundaries .... Then you could be more outgoing, find more tolerance for others, and be comfortable with attention.  Well, an invisible 'shield' might be helpful, too!

Essence Remedies:  Social Butterfly ~ Social Empowerment ~ Shield   view our empowering essence remedies


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Some people really don't like to be alone ... or more importantly they don't like to FEEL that they are alone.  At the other end of the spectrum, you could be too comfortable with your own company and are reclusive and solitary. Which one are you?  Either way, you are too easily placed off balance by interactions with others

Do you need others around you in order to feel secure and a sense of belonging?  Or are you so independant and solitary that it makes it challenging for you to have other people in 'your space' and enjoy close and loving relationships?  

Were you one of those kids who was homesick at summer camp?  Even though you might think you are happy on your own, and you might even have a pet to keep you company, when you are alone you instinctively want to call someone to chat, log into a chat room, or turn on the stereo or TV just to create some human noise so you don't feel alone

Or are you so rejecting of relationships that you convince yourself you don't need anyone?  Do you spend too much time alone?  Or would you rather spend time with animals than with people?That may be because you are so sensitive that having others around can make you feel off balance, irritable, and defensive    

 In order to have a healthy, balanced relationship, you need to come the point where you can enjoy your own company and be comfortable and at ease on your own, and just as much at ease when in a group or with others.  You must be able to project your energy outward to hold your own space without losing yourself in the energy of others.  Otherwise, you will constantly feel off balance, insecure, and lonely, even when in the company of others.  And that can sabotage your intimate relationships

What your soul really needs is a greater sense of self-definition, self sufficency, and independance, a clear self-image that can hold strong and true even when you are with others.  You need to feel shielded and safe, instead of feeling guarded and defensive.  Then you can enjoy your relationships without losing your balance, wanting to be alone, losing yourself, or feeling needy and insecure

Essence Remedies:  My Authentic Self ~ Self Esteem ~ Holding My Own Space ~ Shield ~ Empowerment    view our empowering essence remedies     


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  Alba Dicentra  

Gentle soul, you are a being of high vibration. But, your natural high frequency has been disrupted and impeded by heartache and sadness

Your heart wants to return to its natural high vibration of unconditional love and peace.  It longs for healing and transcendence 

It is time to release all lower emotional energies and embrace forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love for yourself and others.  Forgiveness and acceptance is the balm that will help you to open your heart again so you can regain a sense of belonging

Remedies: Forgiveness ~ Heartbreak Heal ~ Broken Heart Heal ~ Divorce Heal ~ Serenity ~ Forgive My Past ~ Love Empowered    view our essence remedies to help with relationship issues


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You've been feeling unmotivated, bored, depressed, lethargic and stuck lately.  This inertia, and lack of energy and ambition is beginning to frustrate you 

You're not a lazy person.  You just don't have anything that excites you or ignites your passion   

Time to stop procratinating!  A little dose of inner strength and resolve is just what you need! 

Look around you at all the congestion and clutter in your life.  Every time you see unfinished projects, over-stuffed closets, piled up laundry, dirty windows, months worth of undeleted emails, furniture crammed into rooms making it hard to move about, unfinished business, or big bushes hiding the view from your windows, your mind picks up subtle messages that life is an overwhelming struggle and an uphill battle 

How can you act when you feel overwhelmed because you don't even know where to start? 

It doesn't matter why you need motivation ... Begin with tackling some of the clutter.  It will open up energy and fresh air that will help in all areas of your life 

Just start with one room, or one closet, or even just your email box.  Begin where you will see the change the most.  That sense of accomplishment will fuel another small project.  And so on, one step at a time.  Take just one step and see what direction opens up.  Then you might just find something to excite you!

Remedies:  Motivation ~ Strength & Resolve ~ Proactive    view our remedies for resolving bad habits


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  Cranberry Peony  

Shape shifter!  You are an advanced soul searching for a doorway though illusions and other dimensions.  You are in the process of a metamorphosis, evolution and transcendence.  But, you need assistance for this  

Your body's electrical system has become fragmented and is full of static because you have been experiencing stress, chaos, trauma, and worry!  This has caused disharmony with the universe, and so you are feeling stuck and unable to manifest what you want 

You need only to feel more tranquil, balanced, at peace, and in the universal flow to allow your answers to come and the doorways to metamorphosis to open   

Remedies:  Restore ~ Chill Out ~ Flow ~ Stress Buster! ~ EMF Shield ~ Highest Self   view all our stress-relieving essence remedies


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  White Trillium  

You love to rescue and fix!  It makes you feel better about yourself.  But, if others do not provide the appreciation you desire, you lose power.  You feel invalidated   

You are searching for your missing pieces to find wholeness and fullness of spirit and inner peace.  You can't see that you are perfect exactly as you are.  You don't need anyone else to validate you

Can you transcend and find peace from your feelings of betrayal and invalidation by others, and the grief this is causing you?  Why would you believe what others would say?  They can only see you through the filters of their own personal issues, not as you really are.  If you see yourself through their eyes, you will accept a distorted, inaccurate view of yourself

You need to accept yourself lovingly and with compassion.  Then you will feel the inner peace and balance that comes when you are complete and whole and unshakable

Remedies:  My Authentic Self ~ Dissolving Anger ~ Flow ~ Love Empowered ~ Father Issues ~ Nurturer in Balance      see our remedies for nurturing & support   


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You are a high creative individual, a tool and channel for the infinite Creator.  And you are always looking for something to ignite your creative fire! 

You've got the ability and skill to manifest whatever you envision or whatever inspires you.  'Inspire' means 'in-spirited'.  Your ideas are really born from the vapours of cosmic breath.  If you can picture something clearly in your mind, and it excites and energizes you, then you can make it a reality as a co-creator with the universe 

What's blocking this gift right now?  Do you need a little assistance to restore your ability to co-create with the universe?  Are you stifling or not acknowledging your soul's creative urges?  Is it possible that a past life almost-remembered negative experience is making you doubt yourself or your desires?

Essence Remedies:  Abundance  ~  Open Door to Co-Creation  ~ Align to Your Destiny ~ Spiritual Power  see all our essence fusions for abundance & expansion


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Are you being too serious or focused lately and aren't stopping to smell the flowers?  Do people seem to be irritating or annoying you, or getting in your way

Could it be that you are being a little too intolerant, self-focused, or your expectations are a bit too high?  Resentment and bitterness can cause inflammation in your joints.  You'll find greater peace and happiness if you lighten up. 

Really!  Lighten up, sweetie!   

Essence Anger Antidotes:  Chill Out ~ Dissolving Anger ~ Forgiveness ~ Carefree ~ Flow ~ Clear & Protect ~ Adapt to Change ~ Worry Free ~ Young at Heart ~ I Am Flexible ~ Control Release ~ Drama Free    see remedies for stress relief   or just to feel happy!

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Ahhh... beautiful soul, you are longing for someone with whom you can gracefully 'soul dance.'  You are seeking to find yourself within the experience of being with another 

Love will help you return to joy and happiness.  But, remaining whole as one in the context of two is an art not easily learned.  You must first be complete and comfortable within yourself.  Then you can fully embrace another without losing balance or losing yourself in the merging of two souls

Remedies:  Love Magnet Trio  ~  Goddess  ~  Self Acceptance   see our collection of relationship essence fusions


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What has caused you to shut down your heart and run from your feelings?  You have lost trust in others, and as a result have lost trust in yourself.  It feels safer to not feel at all, not to let anyone into your heart

But, you must be brave and choose to open up your heart once more.  Love is who you really are.  And so you are now missing a big part of your best self!

You must gain greater clarity and understanding of your feelings so that you can begin to choose happiness.  Your feelings are important.  They tell you of your needs, of those things that feed your soul and make you happy.  You must hear your feelings in order to be able to choose those things that will make you happy

Remedies:  Heartbreak Heal ~ Broken Heart Heal ~ Love Empowered ~ Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Divorce Heal ~ Father Issues ~ Forgive My Past ~ I Feel Loved ~ Open Heart ~ Heart Speak   see our collection of relationship essence fusions


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Honey, you need to admit that you are a drama queen!  You are enthusiastic and love attention and excitement!  You have a flair for making everything dramatic, exciting, and larger than life!  You have the ability to entertain, inspire, motivate and lead others, and light up the world with your sense of drama and passion!  You are a star! 

But, when you don't use your power to accomplish, lead, and achieve, you can begin to seek attention in negative ways.  You become a drama queen, dramatizing stories of your adversity and latest crises to garner sympathy, attention, admiration and awe from others in a negative way.  You might even use adversity as an excuse for your lack of success.  You don't do it consciously, but, enlarging the details of your mundane life feeds your need to feel larger than life and in the spotlight

Face it, you are addicted to adrenalin and attention!  Even if it is negative attention! 

It is dangerous to focus on the negative aspects of your life.  You inadvertently begin to attract even more drama and crisis and chaos. You become a ‘crisis magnet!’  And then you find yourself surrounded by other drama queens in crisis.  You make yourself a helpless victim of fate and
give away your power by blaming everyone and everything else for what is happening to you

Your goal is to use the true power of your sense of drama and enthusiasm to inspire and lead people in positive, productive, life-affirming ways.  Present your vision and inspire people to want to participate in making it happen.  Fill people's hearts with joy and laughter and meaning

Walk away from drama and crisis.  Repeat after me "Not my circus.  Not my monkeys"

Remedies:  Drama Free ~ Spiritual Power ~ Success ~ Empowerment ~ Flow ~ Stress Buster!    See our empowering essences and our essences for stress relief

We recommend Drama Free to assist you in overcoming your adrenaline addiction.  Drama Free alleviates tension and stress and relaxes muscles.  It switches off the triggers for adrenalin and eliminates your craving for it.  Use for at least 6 weeks to end adrenalin addiction


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Gentle soul, what happened to leave you feeling so abandoned, deserted and rejected?    

The trauma of rejection has left you with a sad aloneness, trying to be perfect so you can earn a sense of belonging and acceptance

But, striving to be loved and accepted has only made you feel more insecure.  So, now you have developed control mechanisms that you believe will help you to feel safe again

You are learning there is a big difference between belonging and 'fitting in'.  Belonging results from feeling accepted just as you are.  This allows a sense of security

Trying to fit in means you are seeking approval.  You are trading your power for acceptance.  As a result, you abandon yourself

When you achieve a sense of belonging, fullness, and acceptance within yourself, then you will step into your power and become unshakable

Remedies:  Father Issues ~ My Authentic Self ~ Love Yourself ~ Deep Wounds of Childhood    see essence fusions for abandonment trauma  


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Ouch!  Has your ego become your worst enemy?  It is time to relinquish its hold on you! 

 We all need a healthy ego so that we have an understanding of ourselves as individuals and what we have to contribute and share with others.  But, when your ego falls out of balance, you become very easily embarrassed, shamed or humiliated and perceive threats or criticism even when it isn't there.  And that makes you react with defensive anger and stubborn pride.  Then you feel even more ashamed of yourself

Feeling self-righteous and indignant can cause you to harbour resentment and anger so that you act out inappropriately.  It causes inflammation in the joints (especially the knees), as well as back pain.  So, your anger becomes self-inflicted!   

Self love and self acceptance will allow you to feel comfortable and at ease within yourself and not so concerned with what other people think about you.  You can't be reliant on praise, accolades or love from others to make you feel good about yourself.  It has to come from within 

Antidotes:  Dissolving Anger ~ AH Flexible ~ I Am Flexible ~ Self Acceptance ~ Self Esteem ~ Guilt Release     See our empowering essences


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  Forget Me Nots  

Your mind is like a monkey!  Your thoughts just can't stay still and fully present here, right now, in the moment.  Are you focusing too much on the past or worrying too much about the future?  All that internal chatter is simply helping you avoid your issues.  And so you are missing serenity and what could be spectacular small moments and details in your life

There is awe and gratitude to be found in stillness 

Beware of negative feelings fluttering through your stomach and solar plexus. ... fear, doubt, dread, shame, failure ...  These feelings just won't give you peace until you let them go.  Are you ready to chill out and just BE?

Antidotes:  Flow ~ Chill Out ~ I Feel  Blessed ~ Stress Buster ~ Zen   see our essences for blissful stress relief


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