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  Ruffled Hibiscus  

Are you feeling bored or in a rut?  Are you secretly longing for some adventure and excitement?  Do you dream of feeling clear, unencumbered and free?

Something is holding you back.   Is it fear of the unknown?  Are you stuck in routines and habit patterns?   Are you feeling held back by your situation or by others?  It is causing congestion in your hips and pelvic region and maybe even a knot in your chest 

Time to muster up some boldness and daring!  Be enthusiastically willing to try new things and new ways!  Be spontaneous!  You don't have to wait for others.  Start with small things that add spice to your day and work you way up to larger adventures and risks  ... Learn a new dance .... Try a new food ... Take a vacation somewhere exotic and mysterious ... somewhere you've never been ... talk to a stranger ... Open up your heart to love, passion and romance.  (That's the biggest risk of all!)


Release the need to dominate ... That is control at work ... let go, trust, and co-operate.  Let trepidation and tension dissolve into a sense of safety, as though God is holding your hand.  Then close your eyes and jump into the unknown


Remedies:  Control Release ~ Adapt to Change ~ Empowerment ~ Moving On ~ Young at Heart


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  Marguerita Daisy  

You long for love and acceptance.  You want so much to feel loved that you do everything you can to make others love you.  You are playing a role, trying to be perfect ... the perfect daughter, the perfect lover ... the perfect mate.  You think it will reward you with acceptance, approval and love

But, instead of feeling loved, it leaves you feeling needy, off balance, and insecure, and you cannot understand why.  You don't understand that you are abandoning yourself, being untrue, and giving away your power.  You are trading happiness for the illusion of security

Are you finding it hard to be yourself after so much practice at being someone else?  Do you even know who you are any more?  Does anyone know the real you?  How does that feel?  

Are you wondering why your relationships always fall apart when you let down your hair and start to be yourself?  It's not that you are unlovable.  It's that the person they fell in love with is not YOU ... It's the person you were pretending to be

If you really want to find TRUE love, you have to risk being yourself.  Only when you are authentic will you attract a partner who likes the real you.  So, your lesson is to learn to be loved just for yourself

Remedies:  Love Magnet Trio


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  Wild Rose  

You've been hurt badly.  And now you are prickly and defensive.  You've built big thick walls to stay safe.  That is understandable

But is is making you happy?  Isn't it simply separating you from love, from experiencing closeness with others?  Is it lessening your pain in any way?  Then why are you continuing to be defensive?

Somehow, you've adopted the mistaken belief that you have to be perfect in order to be loveable, and that love has to be perfect to be right.  You think if you give love, you should receive it in return.  Don't you think your ideals are a bit too high?

As long as you keep those walls up, you will continue to wonder why you feel stuck, why nothing good ever happens to you, why you are suffering from lack on so many areas of your life, and why you can't find love.  You are missing out because all the wonderful things the universe wants to share with you are bouncing off your energetic walls of resistance and going to someone else who doesn't have any resistance or walls!

Is it time to demolish your walls and open your heart again?  When you shift into a state of unconditional love and acceptance, it allows you to let go of mistrust, secretiveness, and that ‘watch your back’ feeling.  By being your authentic self you will feel stronger and more in balance.  You can attract those people who are in alignment with your own ideals and genuinely like you for yourself.  And that will make you feel a lot happier!

Remedies:  Heartbreak Heal ~ Love Empowered ~ Forgive My Past ~ Love Magnet Trio


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There is a part of you that feels restless and unfullfilled.  You are searching for something, but you aren't quite sure what it is.  You feel you have a destiny, and it is calling to you, but you aren't certain what that calling might be

It is there, inside of you, waiting to be re-discovered.  You lost those parts of yourself long ago.  They are aspects of yourself you abandoned, disowned, or traded for safety and security.  Now they are gently nudging you

The answer is clear.  Do what you love to do, what brings you joy and passion.  This will fullfill your destiny, bring rewards, and give meaning and purpose to your life

Can you remember what you enjoy?  What did you love to do as a child?  What feeds your soul?  What makes your heart sing?  The world is waiting for you to share yourself

Remedies:  Align to Your Destiny ~ Soul Retrievsl 


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  Pink Cloud Gaura  

Wow!  You are being much too serious lately!   Life has lost its joy and that is leaving you feeling stoic and resentful, and a bit angry, although you would never let anyone see that.  You manage to keep your chin up and fake it a lot

You really need to stop and smell the roses!  Lighten Up!  

Remedies:  Young at Heart ~ Carefree ~ Chill Out ~ I Am Blessed ~ Worrywort


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Sweet innocent angel!  Your heart longs for a return to your innocence and purity.  Your own harsh self-judgment and the thoughtless cruel or savage actions of others have caused you to feel flawed or impure

It is time to integrate and accept your negative attributes and experiences, to release karma, guilt, violation, and all that makes you feel unclean or less than perfect.  You are a being of love and goodness.  What you view to be flaws and mistakes within you are really an aspect of God's perfection and infinite wisdom

Remedies:  Soul Retrieval ~ Karma Clear ~ Clear & Protect ~ I Am Deserving


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How thoughtfully, caring and compassionate you are.  You are so caring of those you love, so responsible and dutiful in your work and to your family.  But, right now you are feeling overburdened, invisible, unappreciated, and overwhelmed by responsibility

Oh dear!  You are truly in need of some support! 

Are you taking care of someone?  Or, are you working in a job supporting and caring for others without recognition or reward?  Are you working tirelessly on a major project or on a deadline?  Or are you trying to stage a comeback?  

It is taking its toll on you.  You cannot just keep giving and giving and working so hard without being replenished and regenerated.  And it looks like no one is helping, or even grateful for all your excellent work.  It is all going unnoticed and unrewarded

People who feel unsupported often begin to experience back pain, especially in the lower back 

You need a little R & R!  And some support and appreciation would also help.  A little emotional nourishment will help you to continue to persevere with a cheery, resilient, humble attitude

Remedies:  Support ~ Be Kind to Yourself


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   Creeping Jenny   

Your are a wonderful generous giver ... but not so good at receiving! 

This isn't an admirable trait, as you might think.  You are stopping the flow of universal energies with your one-sided approach

On some unconscious level it is stressful for you to receive.  You have an underlying belief that you aren't deserving or worthy.  That negative belief is likely born of guilt.  And so it makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable when someone does something nice for you

Here's how it works:  The universe is benevolent and generous.  Every time to expend energy to do something, whether it is a favour for someone, or a job, you create a void in your energy field that the universe rushes to fill.  It brings whatever you personally value

Your value system may not be aligned with tangible benefits such as money.  Perhaps you value intangible things more ... such as helping other people, or having love or friendships, or feeling good about yourself spiritually 

You may already have all these blessings in your life, and not understand why you don't have money.  It is because you really don't value and love money.  If you were in a relationship with someone who felt you did not value or appreciate them, would they stick around for very long?  Of course not! ... well, that's why money doesn't come to you!

Do you have a mental wall up for any reason? .... whether it is an instinctive defensiveness caused by having been wounded or hurt emotionally ... guilt and remorse from having done something you believe to be bad or wrong ... or a feeling that you aren't entitled or worthy of good things ... or a lack of gratitude that is expressed as criticism or complaint for the blessings you do receive ... you inadvertantly prevent yourself from having what is rightfully yours

The universe is boundlessly generous, filled with luck, and love and opportunities and money for you.  And then it bumps into your wall of resistance, bounces off, and goes to someone else who is open to receiving.  You are, therefore missing out on so many wonderful benefits the universe wants you to have.  The rich get richer ... and you stay poor!  

Are you ready to gracefully and gratefully receive?  Then start to count your blessings.  Become joyously gratefully for every little thing you have, every little thing you receive.  And be sure to do a check on your value system ... What should the universe offer that you will personally value?

Remedies:  Abundance ~ I Am Blessed ~ I Am Deserving ~ Guilt Release


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  Black Eyed Susan  

What a wonderful, quirky, creative individual you are!  You are here to bring the gift of your own delicious, wonderful, unique self!  

But, you may not see yourself in such a positive light!   You have grown up feeling you are different and do not fit in.  As though that is a bad thing!   

People always fear what they do not understand.  And so you were probably teased, ostracized, misunderstood, or belittled as a child, and that has left a dark spot on your soul.  Now you carry a false negative self-image and old hurts caused by other people’s negative judgments

You must understand that every single person who has ever made a difference in this world has walked a unique path and didn't conform to society's norms.  Conformity is risk-free, challenge-free, easy.  Uniqueness is your strength!  Be a bold non-conformist!  Break the mold!  Stand strong and boldly shine brightly your uniqueness

As Marianne Williamson once wrote for Nelson Mandella "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkeness, that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?'  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.  We are born to make manifest the glory of Gad that is within us.   ... And as We let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

You are special.  And you are beautiful just as you are!  You will never truly belong by trying to fit in.  To belong, you are accepted just as you are.  To fit in, you must conform in order to gain approval.  Do you want to belong?  Or do you want to fit in?

Remedies:  Respect Me! ~ Self Esteem ~ Social Ease ~ My Authentic Self ~ I Am Deserving ~ Guilt Release


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  Anchusa Capensis  

Are you busy looking after everyone's need but your own?  You are badly in need of a little self-nurturing! 

You are being inviting you to slow down, look after yourself and do what you need for yourself.  It is important right now to be a little more self-caring and self-nurturing.  You are focusing to much on caring for others and thereby neglect yourself

Time you look after YOU and put your needs first for now.  Indulge in something you love.  Relax in a hot tub with some of our amazing botanical frequencies

Remedies:  Be Kind to Yourself ~ Support


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  Butterfly Asclepias  

Are you fearing change? 

We always fear the unknown.  It's easier to keep things as they are, even if they are not working any more.  You are trying to trade parts of your soul for safety 

But, that prevents you from personal growth, expanding your horizons, and discovering new places, people and things.  It can keep you at an unfullfilling job or an unhappy relationship, even though you may dislike and resent it 

Change and transition is a necessary part of growth.  It can be exciting and joyful and life-affirming if you can embrace it

Think of yourself as a butterfly going through tranformation to another level that will free you.  Accept support and emotional nourishment from those around you as you go though this transition.  It will ease your fear.  Access your intuition for guidance 

Remedies:  Adapt to Change ~ Moving On ~ Flow ~ Strength & Resolve ~ Motivation


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   Lamb's Ear   

You poor sweet child ... Your inner child really needs a hug!  You've had such an unhappy and painful childhood.  Some warm fuzzies are definitely in order now!  

You need a safe, neutral space where you can feel loved and nurtured.  It is time to dissolve the struggle to love your parents and those who have hurt you, in spite of their flaws or their behavior.  Let go of your resentment and anger, dear child.  Your parents loved you the best they could, through their own pain and unhappiness.  But, it wasn't in the way that you needed.  They could never give you what they never received themselves

That doesn't make you unlovable! 

Are you struggling with the fear of becoming just like your mother?  Your painful childhood experiences are the root cause of your struggle and unhappiness now.  You are here to break the cycle and clear these negative family habit patterns.  It begins with loving and nurturing yourself, so that you have love and compassion to give others 

You can be strong without losing your gentleness, and sensitive without feeling overwhelmed.  You CAN forgive your past and make peace.  It requires acceptance and grace.  It's time now.  It will open up an entirely new and brighter future for you 

Remedies:   Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Be Kind to Yourself ~ Love Yourself ~ Forgive My Past ~ Forgiveness ~ I Am Deserving ~ Control Release


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