May 27, 2016 @ 9:00 AM


Joy is an emotion most people never experience.  It constantly eludes them.  That's because they believe joy is something they have to earn

But, joy is your natural state.  You are born happy.  You learn to be unhappy

Many people never really understand that happiness is something intangible that is born on the inside of us.  We have come to believe that we must search for happiness, or earn it, or buy it, as though it is a rare and elusive jewel.  We spend our days working hard so we can buy the lifestyle and possessions we believe will make us happy.  We become what others want and expect so we will be loved.  We see happiness as something outside of ourselves, something we want and need to acquire

It took me quite a while to figure out that joy was my birthright, that I only had to choose joy in order to find it.  You see, most of us spend our lives making excuses for not having the things we want

Instead of saying "This is what I want so I must figure out how I can make it happen.", we say "I want this, BUT, I can't have it because...."  "I wanted to be an artist, BUT I have to earn a living." ... "I wanted a career, BUT, I had to look after my kids." ... "I wanted to travel, BUT my husband wouldn't let me."

Your OUTER world is really just a result of what goes on in your INNER world.  Your circumstances, your experiences, and your situations aren't the cause of your unhappiness or lack of satisfaction.  They are a symptom of what is going on in your thoughts and feelings

So, if you really want to change the results, you have to change the CAUSE--how you feel.  Our living flower essences allow happiness to become effortless

Happiness is a perfect alignment between personal will and Divine Will.  It is more a surrender to your natural state, than it is a state you must strive to achieve.  Focusing on outer things may, in fact, complicate your life and keep you too busy and distracted to experience the simplicity of achieving happiness

"If it doesn't bring you JOY why are you doing it?"

Happiness is one of the easiest things in the world to experience.  Just let go of the concept that you have to earn or find it.  Embrace the truth that it is who you really are.  Happiness has been inside you all the time, just waiting for you to re-discover it

Let us help you erase the negative emotional habit patterns that are keeping you from re-discovering happiness.  Our amazing flower essences will help shift you effortlessly into a state of acceptance, grace, balance and freedom ... We can help you no matter where in continental North America you live ...