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June 22, 2016 @ 8:00 AM


At 4PM on March 3, 2002, Lori D'Ascenzo's life changed forever....

Travelling at 60 mph on a highway in her convertible, Lori hit a convoy of stopped transport trucks.

How she survived the catastrophic crash is a miracle.  That Lori walked away from the accident defies explanation.  But, the true impact of that day was how it became a powerful catalyst that closed a chapter in her life and irrevocably changed Lori forever ...  

read about Lori's story and why it led her to create Enlightened Feelings living flower essences ... 


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June 15, 2016 @ 5:20 PM


The secret is that some of our best essence remedies are 'born' out of necessity!

Whenever I have a problem or emotional state that I just cannot seem to solve or resolve on my own, I turn to our essences.  I create a remedy for it! ... and as the remedy begins to work for me, I begin to gain insights and epiphanies about the causes of that particular issue that allow me to then assist others with the same issue. 

Once we have established that the essence will work for 1 person we take it to field trials to test it on others with the same issue.


Here are some of my favorite remedies that were recently created out of necessity ....

Restore  Designed to quickly dissolve Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.........

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June 10, 2016 @ 9:00 AM


"When you pray you are speaking to God.  When you meditate you are listening"


Mention the word 'meditation' and most people automatically think 'flakey new age hokum' or austere religious eccentrics chanting 'OM' while sitting in uncomfortable positions for hours on end.  Yet, almost everyone indulges in meditation periodically.  It's called 'visualization.' 

Most people do not realize how often they meditate without even being aware ... Have you ever gazed out a window lost in thought?  Have you ever taken a short nap and awakened with the answer to a problem?  Do you fantasize sometimes?   Do you pray?  Have you ever driven .........

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