June 15, 2016 @ 5:20 PM


The secret is that some of our best essence remedies are 'born' out of necessity!

Whenever I have a problem or emotional state that I just cannot seem to solve or resolve on my own, I turn to our essences.  I create a remedy for it! ... and as the remedy begins to work for me, I begin to gain insights and epiphanies about the causes of that particular issue that allow me to then assist others with the same issue. 

Once we have established that the essence will work for 1 person we take it to field trials to test it on others with the same issue.


Here are some of my favorite remedies that were recently created out of necessity ....

Restore  Designed to quickly dissolve Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and other severe emotional traumas.  Ideal for those who are highly sensitive to expressions of violence, rage, etc, such as in movies or on the news, and those who are easily overcome by not being able to change or fix all that is wrong in the world

Flow  Designed to put you in the universal flow.  Wonderful when you are feeling frustratred, blocked or stuck.  It feels a lot like the wonderful sense of serenity and balance you feel after a custom test in our office!  When you are 'in the flow', things just start going your way again 

Drama Free  Designed to stop you from getting drawn into other people's dramas and crises, and to keep you from being a drama queen.  Ideal for those with adrenal stress or adrenalin addiction (symptoms include craving sugar or chocolate, attracting crises, short temper)