July 25, 2016 @ 9:30 AM


Whether we admit it or not, most of us have an agenda behind wanting a relationship ... we want to be loved by someone ... or be nurtured and looked after ... to be accepted and fit in ... or escape loneliness or abandonment ... or to receive validation that we are loveable and valued ... 

But, that is not what love is about at all!  Experiencing the feeling of love is natural because it is the frequency of universal Source.  When you love you feel alive, expanded, potent.  You experience a heightened sense of connection to physical life through your senses, a feeling of belonging, as well as a deeper alignment with the universe

But, it isn't long before that little voice inside your head begins to murmur ... what if I get hurt? ... what if I am abandoned or rejected? ... what if he doesn't love me back? ... what if I am treated the same way as in the past? ... what if it doesn't last? ... what if I can't meet his expectations? ... what if I'm not worthy of love?

You begin to behave in ways that will elicit the response you desire....you are seeking validation that you are lovable.  You might offer gifts, do thoughtful things, and become the perfect mate, in a bargain for love.  You may even try to change yourself or adopt a role, becoming the person you think your lover wants you to be.  As a result, you begin to feel insecure, off balance, and vulnerable within the relationship.  You don't get your own needs met, and you don't understand why your lover isn't as thoughtful as you

Insecurity exists only when you offer love with a motive ... there is something you want in return for your love .. and if you don't feel you're getting it, you will feel wanting and demanding.  When you act in ways to elicit love you will always feel insecure and off balance

But, when you love without expectations you cannot be hurt.  And something magical happens.  The universe responds to your love with generosity, beauty and abundance all around you

You cannot ever really experience fulfilling love until you go within and deal with those murmuring voices and begin to love yourself unconditionally.  First, you must heal your past--all the hurts, experiences and thoughts that are shaping your attitudes and beliefs.  Then you must drop the role-playing and begin to fearlessly be your true authentic self.   

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