March 22, 2017 @ 1:53 PM


Sometimes it can be overwhelming or confusing when you are trying to choose living flower essence fusions that are right for your needs!

Did you know we offer mini photo testing? 

Here's how it works:   Place your order for any of our living flower essence fusions.  Then send us a quick selfie.  Include your order number and briefly outline what you want to achieve with the essences you have ordered 

We'll perform a quick photo test to ensure you have ordered the best products for your needs.  If you haven't chosen the ideal essences, we'll tell you what will give you the best results for your goal

The cost is just $10 for your test.  You can add your mini test to your shopping cart.  Or leave it to us... we'll add it for you

It's the easy way to get the best results from our living botanical frequencies!

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