June 20, 2018 @ 4:29 PM


It is truly tough to be young in today's world. Modern technology has become a demise for our children in so many ways    

On average, your child is bombarded with more than 80,000 negative media messages every day.  And, cell phones have made your child's private world a very pubic place   

Here is where the problem starts.... 

Cell phones went mainstream in 2008.  Almost every person and child now has a I phone/camera with them at all times. Which means anyone can take an embarrassing photo of them at any time without their awareness or permission, and post it on-line.  They can be ridiculed or bullied on-line by their peers, causing deep humiliation and shame.  They instantly know when they are not invited to parties or groups, and feel excluded and ostracisized  

Cell phones have connected the world, but made kids feel shunned, diminished, afraid, and lonely.  Communication takes place via impersonal texting, even when together, so kids don’t learn how to socialize in healthy ways or develop skills and experience with relating to others  

Reality television shows depict people at their worst, teaching kids bad social behavior.  Life has become far too impersonal and material.  And that causes kids to feel more and more disconnected, helpless, and lost 

Gentle loving compassionate children are now afraid to have friendships with other kids because those kids are mean and unpredictable.  A 'friend' can suddenly reveal their secrets to the world via the internet.  So kids feel victimized and threatened by their peers, and all that is the best in them is becoming lost

Today's youth have absolutely no privacy or personal space.  They feel alone, unsafe, disempowered, rejected, and disconnected from others.  Teen depression and suicide has skyrocketed since 2008, coinciding with mainstream use of I-phones 

In addition, the harmful frequencies from cell phones alters brain neurology, and can cause mood disorders and hormonal imbalances

So, when we found a sudden and sharp increase in parents asking us to create essences to help children and teens, we knew this was a very serious issue, and we were facing quite a challenge!

Cell phones may give parents comfort in that they can connect with their kids any time and know they are safe….but it is really NOT good for the wellbeing of kids under 18 yrs to have their own cell phones  

Take away your child’s cell phone.  Don’t let your children see negative TV shows, movies, videos or reality TV.  Negativity may be in the world, but it doesn’t have to be in your child’s world

Our gentle children's living essence fusions were created to help elicit positive uplifting feelings so your child can effortlessly let go of negative feelings.  These essences simply feel good!  And that can help your child to feel more positive and happy!

Children and teens under the age of 18 should never be given essence remedies to address psychological traumas or complex adult issues that could cause negative feelings and emotional pain to surface, even if you are working closely with a qualified child psychologist

To better help children to safely and harmlessly process their feelings, we offer a fun and creative venting program that turns negative emotions into laughter and lightheartedness, and provides valuable insights for you as a parent    

Never give your child our regular potentized essences meant for adults (unless they specify they are suited for children).  We also do not offer custom essence formulas for children

Don't forget ... when your child is ailing, take an essence yourself, as well!  You are upset and hurting when someone you love is in distress!