June 13, 2018 @ 7:24 PM


You can actually FEEL the power and frequencies of our essences when you hold them against your body! 

Like the sun radiates light and positive energy, our essences actually radiate their unique frequencies into your electromagnetic field as you hold them, gently and subtly shifting you into an elevated state of being

In fact, our essence remedies are so very powerful, that we often place them on photos of people, children, pets, and those in spirit, to assist with gentle healing.  The essences radiate into the quantum field.  It's no surprise that many people tell us that they felt different immediately after we have completed their photo test

Look at the photo to the left.  The blue bottle contains only water and alcohol and is clearly defined by its ambient temperature.  But, the energy from the bottles of living essences on either side extends far past the bottles.  Each has its own unique energetic signature that registers as a different thermal frequency (frequencies are defined by colours).  The bottle on the right has an especially large electromagnetic field.  It is Accelerated Healing--imbued with the frequency of DNA repair--528 htz--the frequency of GREEN!

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