August 6, 2018 @ 9:00 AM






Control issues and perfectionism develop in childhood, generally around the age of 5 years.  This is when you first become aware of yourself in the context of your environment and other people.  You begin to develop social awareness and learn about yourself in relation to your family and others  

When you grow up in an environment that does not feel safe or secure, you quickly develop coping mechanisms to maintain a feeling of safety and security.  If you have experienced dysfunctional family situations such as a perfectionist parent, criticism, abuse, an alcoholic or mentally ill parent, abandonment, or foster care, you will very likely developed control issues

As an adult, the need to be in control to stay safe will manifest as judgment and perfectionism (I have to be perfect to be lovable), inability to receive (I can only rely on myself--others will let me down), inability to connect with your feelings (if I ignore or push my feelings away I won't feel pain), rigidness, inflexibility and fear of change (It's not safe, It's not safe!), excessive materialism (I must have security), inability to love or bond deeply (the people I love will leave me), or empathic/intuitive abilities (if I can 'read' and anticipate what people feel, I can adjust my behaviour to ensure harmony).  These types of negative beliefs and behaviours keep you from feeling true happiness and experiencing love

Unconscious control patterns often prevent flower essences from working as effectively as they should.  Control suppresses your feelings, keeping a lid on painful memories and experiences.  So, every time the essences begin to release buried emotions and thought patterns, your brain wants to intercede and stop the process to protect you from anticipated discomfort or pain

We have created a special living essence remedy to address fear-based control issues.  Control Release dissolves fear, control and judgment.  It loosens the inner tension that results from rigid or controlling mental patterns and instills courage and acceptance  
Take it alone, or take it before using any of our other essence remedies.  When you use this essence for 21 days BEFORE taking any of our other essence remedies, you will feel less inner tension and much more relaxed and at ease AND you will enjoy much better results with our essences!      

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