September 18, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

Animals that show up in your life are very special.  They are your teachers as well as your students

All animals feel emotions.  But, from you, an animal learns about complex or evolved emotions such as compassion, as well as about self-awareness.  By opening themselves up energetically to us, animals literally experience our feelings

It is no accident that you choose a particular pet or that an animal has chosen you.  You are drawn to what the animal has to teach you.  Humans seek to validate their feelings.   Therefore, they generally choose human and animal companions that either mirror their points of view, or are diametrically opposed 

Your pets express certain personality characteristics that are important for you to recognize.  It is very common for an animal to express what you are unconsciously suppressing.  This gentle, subtle day to day prodding creates an opportunity for you to change, when a human relationship with the same lesson would prove to be too threatening, confrontational, or invasive

Sometimes an animal may begin to exhibit undesirable behavior.  Negative behavior is a strong indication that the animal is unhappy and its needs are not being met.  Animals have the same needs as humans ... survival, safety (security), companionship and socializing, self esteem and fullfillment.  When any of those needs are being ignored or withheld, the animal will act out or try to communicate to you through its behavior and actions.  An animal can't tell you that it is unhappy.  It can only show you through its behavior and actions, such as peeing on furniture, barking or whining, pacing, biting, or running away 

Undesirable behavior is more often caused by the animal picking up its owner's feelings and mirroring them.  That's why when we treat an animal we often need to provide a similar remedy for the owner

If your pet or horse is showing undesirable behavior, vices, or depression, we can help.  We offer gentle fast-acting prepared remedies to help you and your beloved pet to achieve optimum balance and relaxed happiness.  Learn more ...




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