March 20, 2020 @ 2:59 PM


"There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.  You seek problems because you need their gifts” 

Richard Bach from Illusions--The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Wow ...There is nothing like a crisis to bring out the very worst and the best in people!  But, is this really a crisis?  Or an extraordinary gift in disguise?  

The Chinese use 2 characters to symbolize the word 'crisis'.  The symbols mean 'Danger' and 'Opportunity'.    So, as dire as this global situation may seem, we may soon discover blessings and opportunities we never could have anticipated.  In fact, were it not for this crisis, we may never have initiated some of the positive changes we will see come about.  

My parents grew up during during 'the hungry 30's'.  That's what the last great depression was called.  I use this example because the great depression era of 1930-1934 was prompted by the same astrological aspect that is occurring right now (Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn square Uranus in Taurus).  It is the first time in 90 years that this extremely powerful planetary aspect has occurred. 

The Great Depression was a desperate time.  The stock markets crashed.  Businesses closed.  There was no work to be found.  People became homeless.  

My mother recalled that her father went to South America to work on the oil rigs.  Her mother was left caring for 5 kids alone, with no home, no money, and very little food.  They moved every 3 months ... paying one month's rent and then getting evicted when they did not pay rent for the next 2 months.  

As a result of that stressful childhood experience, my mother became very frugal and cautious.  She bought things only when they were on sale.  She hoarded food, and squirreled away money in drawers.  She was obsessed with security.    

My father, however, was the total opposite.  He was generous and expansive.  If he had money, he spent it.  He took risks, and gambled.  He acted as if there was always more money on its way.  

I asked him how both he and my mother could come through the same harrowing experience, but be so very different in their relationship with money.  He told me that during the depression he had lived on a large farm.  His family raised chickens, pigs, and cattle, and they grew vegetables.  They had plenty of food and wanted for nothing.  

He recalled his mother compassionately feeding hobos that passed by, and going into town each week loaded with vegetables to donate to those who had nothing during that desperate time.  That is the reality that HE had experienced, and it had coloured his sense of security and his view of the world in positive ways.  

But, my mother had experienced an entirely different reality.  And, as children do, she accepted that reality without questioning it.  It created a negative belief that severely limited her happiness and security in life, despite any prosperity she later experienced.  

Change rarely happens without a crisis to force it into being.  That is the gift offered by crisis.  It changes you.  It opens your eyes to things you have chosen not to see and forces your perspective to shift.  Without that shift nothing can change, no matter how desperately it needs changing.  It is not always comfortable or easy.  Sometimes it is even cataclysmic.
Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at changeThat means in order to transcend this global crisis, there must be a radical and quite swift evolution in our thinking and in our actions.    
My bets are on change happening.  But, I habitually look for the silver lining in every cloud.  I trust that universal laws work in much wiser ways than we can know.  Every single thing in the universe is designed to self-correct and restore balance when it falls out of balance.  Otherwise, it is destroyed so it cannot continue to harm whatever is around it. 

So, if the long-term ramifications of ignoring climate change did not really frighten us into changing our habits and lifestyle, will the fear of swift imminent death or financial ruin be enough to make people decide to change their ways?

It is disturbing and unhealthy how we have grown into a culture obsessed with avoiding boredom.  We have created a throw-away culture so that we always have something new and different.  We are distracting ourselves daily with a vast array of activities, sports, media, and entertainment.  And our children have been taught to do the same.  

I have been immune to this frenzied busy-ness because I live in serene rural solitude.  I understand why monks in seclusion can maintain balance and serenity so effortlessly  

Those living in cities actually crave the excitement of having so much to overwhelm their senses.  After all, activities and noise are the best way to distract yourself from contemplative ‘inner work.’   It’s a culture of keeping yourself busy, constantly seeking outer stimulus so that you can’t hear the quiet voice of your inner self.

That may be about to change. 

Even in the darkest of night something wonderful is happening in the gardenWhat we are seeing now is a necessary re-balancing.  Like a pendulum in full swing, the initial wave of mass fear will soon give rise to something entirely different in the quiet solitude of ‘cocooning’.  

 During this forced 'curfew', there will be many who will plant themselves in front of a television or YouTube and ride out the quarantine purely in survival mode.  But, there will be others who will bond deeply with their children, grandchildren, and each other by sharing games and activities together as a family.  Unable to go to the mall or theatre, perhaps people will begin to spend time in nature and in the sunshine and discover that it actually makes them feel better!  

This is what is desperately needed to reverse the damaging effects of ‘cell-phone culture’ on children.  People who utilize this extended ‘down time’ to spend with family and in nature will see positive changes in their children over the next few weeks.  And, if we are lucky, people (and children) will begin to feel connected again to each other and to nature, and realize that cell phones have created a superficial and very artificial connectedness that is mental AND physically destructive--both personally and globally.

Many people will take advantage of this quiet alone time to become more introspective.  There is no more perfect time to do those things that strengthen your health AND your mental wellbeing.  It is the ideal time to clean out your inner ‘personal viruses’ —those damaging emotional beliefs and past experiences that hamper your life and affect your health.  It may actually save your life! 

As a long-time health researcher, I am always curious to find the cause and effect of a health issue.  So, I studied the autopsy reports of those who have succumbed to COVID-19.  

In COVID-19, the lungs become completely clogged by thick rubbery mucus and are unable to take in oxygen.  This mucus is unusual in that it is not cleared from the lungs via the body’s usual filters and immune response.  That is because the virus originated in animals, so our human DNA does not recognize this pathogen as a danger.  

While most people do recover, curiously, those who have died from COVID-19 had liver damage that was present prior to infection.  Liver damage certainly has physical origins—unnatural metabolic contaminants such as processed foods, pesticides, chemicals, household cleaners, pharmaceuticals and poor air quality.  But, the liver also becomes impaired by low frequency toxic emotions such as grief, regret, anger, hate, prejudice, animosity, frustration and resentment.  

The lungs and heart are also adversely affected by specific low frequency toxic emotions such as sorrow, despair, loneliness, anxiousness, and hopelessness.  Without love and a sense of belonging, we lose our desire to live.  The body relinquishes its willingness to take in vital elements of life.  In short, chronic emotional disconnectedness makes us vulnerable.  

So, at a time when toxic negative emotions and disconnectedness are collectively running very high, it really should come as no surprise that we are so vulnerable to nature’s most pointed defence--a virus.     

This enforced ‘time out’ is really an amazing opportunity that we have been given.  In China and Italy we are already we are seeing how air and water quality has increased significantly due to a sudden halt in commerce.  This is providing real-time evidence of our daily affect on the climate and our world.  And that will show people how easily we each can begin to correct the damage we have caused for so long.  

We are being forced to ‘cocoon’ and take time to explore our negative actions and their impact on ourselves and the world around us.  We suddenly have the time and opportunity to examine our negative feelings and past experiences, and whether or not they are helpful to us.  

There are multiple benefits to be found in this!  You now have the time and incentive to reflect on what is truly important to you, how you feel, and what you need to change, improve, or simplify in your life.  Can you live happier with less?  If you have not been taking time to nurture yourself and your family in healthy life-affirming ways, you certainly can begin now!

You can start by taking a 'negativity diet'.  Turn off negative, thrilling, or dramatic television shows, 'reality shows', and video games.  The experience of drama, pessimism, or fear causes damaging neuropeptides such as adrenaline and cortisol to be released from your cells.  Excitement doesn't distract you from worry and anxiety.  It actually heightens it, keeps you from experiencing restful sleep, and inhibits your immune system.    

Instead, choose inspirational TV programs that will elicit beneficial neuropeptides (NP's) to support vibrant health.  You can find inspirational movies and TV series on You Tube; classics such as Highway to Heaven and Touched By An Angel.  Laughter also releases beneficial NP’s, so enjoy some comedies!

Meditate.  Or listen to meditation music while reading, doing chores or cooking.  YouTube offers a wide variety of relaxation music.  Look for muisc infused with 528 hertz, as this frequency will prompt beneficial neuropeptides!  

Spend time outdoors (or at least open your windows and blinds!)  Oxygen, vitamin D, and the sun’s UV rays kill viruses and bacteria.  Oxygen and frequencies emitted by trees and plants can help you to feel more relaxed and happy, and acts to absorb negative emotions.  

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