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March 26, 2021 @ 11:05 AM


Designed to be added to a feng-shui salt water cure (in place of coins.)  Salt water cures work by ionizing the air to clear it. (similar to how a thunderstorm clears the air)  

SPACE CLEARING goes a step further.  It contains frequencies that help to effortlessly clear your home of negativity, bad energies, EMF's, entities, etc.  SPACE CLEARING is stronger than traditional salt water cures.  The effect is palpable and almost instant and lasts almost a month.  

Simply top up your salt water cure with water as needed, and add 14 more drops of SPACE CLEARING to keep your living space clear for another month!  Instructions to create your salt water cure are .........

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March 15, 2021 @ 10:41 AM


Almost everyone around the globe has been experiencing a constant threat for the past year.  And along with that threat, a feeling of powerlessness.  So, it is no surprise that control issues are emerging as one of the most common psychological side effects of the pandemic.   As well, the rate of suicide and clinical depression has risen sharply over the past year to an unprecedented high, especially among children and teens.  

Humans are social animals.  Belonging helps us maintain a feeling of structure and safety.   Perhaps that is why, when we feel threatened, we conform so readily to social rules and accede our personal rights to authority figures such as government.

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