March 9, 2016 @ 5:00 PM


In early January, I decided to take a last-minute excursion to the cloud forests of Panama on a search to create living orchid essences.  We suspected that orchids might possess a higher consciousness than other flowers 

Orchids are epiphytes.  These unique flowering plants grow on trees in the cloud forests of the highlands.  There are more varieties of orchids found here than anyewhere else on the planet.  

Most orchids have evolved to take their nourishment from the air, rather than the earth.  So, we are guessing that the plant consciousness will be quite a bit different

It was no easy feat getting to the summit of a mountain in the highlands of Central America!  We finally found a wonderful english-speaking driver and guide by the name of Alidio Osvaldo Castillo who got us safely to Cope.  From there we needed a sturdy 4X4 to get up to the cloud forest in Omar Torijas Herrera National Park.  It took 1/2 hour to travel just 2 km to the summit.  Driver Eugenio Sanchez happily taught me spanish as my husband Sam and Alidio bounced around in the back of the truck.  I had to keep checking to make sure we hadn't lost them!  

Although we did find orchids, including an adorable species that looked like a little angel with a halo, it didn't seem the right time or energy for us to capture the orchid frequencies

As I pondered why this might be, I begain to realize that our entire collection of unique Enlightened Feelings living essences are designed to assist with deep emotional issues and the day-to-day challenges of living.  We simply do not yet work with assisting others in their spiritual unfolding (although that IS a bi-product of working with our extraordinary high frequency living essences)  Emotional healing is our strength and our expertise.   Flowers that bring the gift of healing are the ones that call to us to become living essences ...

We knew we could find some very special flowers in Central America! 

A light rain began as we entered the cloud forest.  Almost immediately we discovered a magnificent black trumpet flower growing in the shadows.  Neither the director of the park, nor the resident professor of botany from the University of Panama had ever noticed this flower before, even though it was right by the main path and only about 20' from the ranger station. It is as though it had just magically appeared when we arrived! 

Neither expert could identify it.  We have researched extensively and have yet to discover its name or species.  So, we are calling it Black Swan

The flower's own frequency measures very high, and it is highly sensitive to touch.  We suspect it may be very beneficial for autism and those who are ultra-sensitive. 

The essence we captured is still in field trials at this time.  We want to explore its potential more fully.  It seems to go to a very deep and profound level wherever it is needed, to long-held physical and emotional wounds, rather than those of the present.  Rather like a shaman it exorcises long-held imbalances.  Black Swan unifies, anchors, stabilizes, and balances all chakras, promoting total integration and unity of mind, body and soul

We captured two other wonderful living essences during our trip to Panama.  A delightful exotic ruffled wild Hibiscus was captured in the highlands on that same day.  It assists with releasing inhibitions to allow you to be more daring,  adventurous and free

Perhaps our favorite new Panamanian essence is Bouganvillia 

We discovered it as we were walking to Manuel Noriega's abandoned estate to look for wild orchids.  As we walked away from our resort, we began to notice dragonflies and birds--hummingbirds suddenly appeared, yellow finches followed us, darting ahead and then waiting for us to pass.  They seemed almost to recognize us 

Hummingbirds are the diva of flower essences .... and the resident divas of our meditation garden.  It was dragonflies that drew me to make our first living essences in 2012.  Was it a sign that we were about to discover some wonderful new flowers for our essence collection? 

We had the exact same birds in abundance on our Enlightened Feelings estate, overseeing our flower gardens and essence making!  I began to wonder if these were our very same birds from back home!  Could it be they had indeed recognized us?

As we came to the iron gate at the entrance to Noriega's abandoned estate, a magnificent fushia-coloured bouganvillia bush grew in profusion over the gate and fence.  Its flowers drew me so powerfully that my hands began to vibrate and grow warm.  It's energy was remarkable!  We returned the next day to capture a living essence from the flowers

Already our Bouganvillia is proving to be a very special flower essence.  It heals heartache caused by mistakes, regrets, self-doubt, and judgment.  Its energy of encircling love promotes inner peace, quiet self-acceptance and inner strength.  Bouganvillia can feel like you are wearing a cloak of love that extends far out into your energy field.      

Perhaps in future orchids will call to us back to Panama ....

We'll keep you posted!