July 6, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Did you know that opening your heart to receiving is one of the pre-requisites for having an abundant life?

Most people are GREAT givers. They are highly generous. They give and give constantly. It makes them feel good about themselves

But, to experience abundance in your life, you have to complete the energetic circuit of both giving AND receiving. You have to create balance by allowing the flow of universal energy to move in both directions—to and from—so that it can become complete, whole, balanced.  You have to become a GENEROUS RECEIVER!


That’s not as easy as it may seem. Here are some clues that you are a poor receiver…..
  • When someone does you a favour, you immediately feel you owe them something or need to repay them in some way
  • You feel embarrassed or awkward when someone gives you a compliment and are unable to respond openly and appreciatively.  You may even try to negate the compliment.
  • You often say ... "not now...maybe later"
  • You tend to criticize yourself or judge your mistakes or flaws harshly
  • When you receive a windfall, find money, or win something, you often give it away
  • You find it hard to forgive someone who has hurt or harmed you
  • You feel awkward, unworthy or embarrassed receiving gifts, awards, or promotions
  • You resist changing any aspect of your life, even if it isn’t working
  • You are struggling with money or lack in your life
  • You have failed relationships, no relationship, or relationships where your needs are not being met
  • Your life isn’t the way you wish it could be

It is normal to become defensive and build emotional walls when you’ve been hurt or disappointed and don’t want to get hurt again. You might not want to forgive, or you may create a silent rule that it isn’t safe to let that situation happen again.  Try Heartbreak Heal to open yourself to love and happiness again

If punishment or criticism was routine in your childhood, or if you possess a highly developed conscience, you may tend to judge yourself harshly and therefore punish yourself for perceived 'wrongs' or mistakes.  So, you will unconsciously resist happiness, pleasure, or reward because you believe you don't deserve it.  Try one of these living essence remedies  I Am Deserving  Guilt Release   Karma Clear 

If you are unhealed with respect to your father, it will seem as though the universe is ungenerous and cold.  Masculine father energy is meant to be expansive, life affirming, and warm like the sun.  If you did not have a positive male role model and you did not receive nurturing from your mother, you be unable to tap into the flow of opening to receive.  These living essence remedies  Deep Wounds of Childhood   Father Issues   Forgive My Past  can be very helpful   

Universal energies respond to your energy.  So, if you have built emotional walls for ANY reason, even in just one area of your life, you have created a solid energetic force field that acts like a shield, preventing good things from getting through

When the universal flow brings wonderful benefits close to you, it is deflected off your energetic field.  So, the benefits go, instead, to someone who does not have this resistance

It doesn't matter that your intention is to protect yourself in one aspect of your life.  The universe cannot discern the reason for your resistance ... only that the resistance is present.  You are, therefore, inadvertantly blocking ALL areas of your life from receiving. So, you are missing all sorts of wonderful things that are rightfully yours--opportunities, money, new friendships, relationships, and the good things in life!

Is there a lack of ANYTHING in the universe?  NO!  The truth is, you are likely expressing abundance in a negative way.  Do you make statements such as I never get enough sleep' or ...  "There aren't enough hours in a day" ... or "I have too much to do' ... or 'I don't get enough time to myself" or "there was so much traffic, it took me forever to get home!" or I went to the amusement park and there were long lineups everywhere.  I had to wait hours to get on any rides"
These are all ways of saying "There is too much of something and it is affecting me and I don't like it." You are teaching your mind that abundance of anything is a bad thing!  Begin to exercise GRATITUDE!  Teach your mind to welcome even small things as a blessing.  We recommend I Am Blessed to assist  
To tap into universal abundance, you may need to forgive everyone including yourself, and open yourself to receiving and welcome all that comes.  You must become aware of the blessings, opportunities and abundance that are going unnoticed all around you right now while you focus on scarcity and lack.  If this is a challenge for you, we have a wonderul essence remedy to assist you!  Abundance 
Do you have an underlying belief that money cannot buy happiness, or that money is the root of evil and will can you a bad person, or that wealth or opulence robs the poor?  If so, why would your unconscious mind allow you to have something you percieve to be bad or wrong? 
You may need to reset your internal beliefs by connecting with a sense of purpose, and contribution, and the joy that comes from embracing what you are Divinely meant to do.  That way you can accept rewards and never have to turn away money to be happy!  Align to Your Destiny can be very beneficial for connecting you with what makes your heart sing 
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