August 24, 2017 @ 6:21 PM


We find that one of the most common reasons why people seem to become stuck in their life is because they are looking backward instead of forward.  It seems like such an obvious cause.  But, surprisingly, almost everyone seems to do this 

When you experience a traumatic or upsetting event, it is natural to want to rehash what happened in your mind to try to resolve or reconcile it.  But, if you become stuck in the event or obsess about what you could or should have done, your focus remains in the past, and you cannot see the future  

Where attention goes, energy flows.  And so the event becomes more prominent in your mind, taking up all your thoughts and feelings without resolution.  Your life stays on hold

The fastest way out of the past, is to focus on the future.  That seems obvious, too.  But, again, most people focus on what just happened, not where they want to go in the future

Spend an evening writing down the way you want your life to be.  What does that look like?  What activities or sports will you enjoy?  How will you spend your work days?  Will you entertain at home?  Will you take a trip?  Will you begin to date again?  What do these activities feel like to you?  How can you make this happen?

When you focus on what you want to create, the world around you shifts to support that.  Your focus switches from negative to positive and life affirming.  And so you successfully move on


Here are some very helpful living essence fusions that can assist you in letting go and moving forward.  You will find them under Healing Your Past :  Moving On ~ Heartbreak Heal ~ Broken Heart Heal ~ Guilt Release ~ Adapt to Change ~ I Am Flexible ~ Forgiveness