January 18, 2018 @ 3:39 PM

We took a short break at Christmas and headed to Mexico to search for Epiphytes!  Epiphytes are plants that grow suspended from trees.  They take their nourishment directly from the air, rather than from the ground.  Epiphytes choose other plants as hosts to physically support them.  But, they are not parasitic plants.

Orchids and Bromeliads are epiphytes.  I have long held a theory that these beautiful flowering plants are more evolved than other plants, and have been travelling Central America for the past 3 years to try to study them.

Located in Xcaret Mexico is a research facility dedicated to preserving the native orchids of Mexico.  The goal is to raise orchid plants and release them to the wild.  So many of Mexico's orchids have been poached. 

We were privileged to be welcomed to this research laboratory and facility by director Angelina Cabrera Carrasco (photo at right).  We were graciously granted time to study orchids and capture a the living essences or a few orchids for further research and study back in Canada.


Upon entering the greenhouse, my eyes were immediately drawn to a bromeliad.  I could actually see ultraviolet light emanating from it!  The plant absolutely glowed!

I took the plant outside to gain a greater intimacy with it without other plant energies or visitors interfering.  As I worked with the plant, it wasn't long before I came to realize that Bromeliads are probably the most evolved of all plants we have so far discovered!  Bromeliads are highly intelligent and intuitive!  They have devised a way to create their own water and nutrient supply, and they nurture other creatures, as well, in a lovely symbiosis.

Known commonly as 'pitcher plant', bromeliads hold water in the centre of a circle of leaves.  As dead leaves and insects fall into the water, they break down.  The plant absorbs the resulting nutrients, along with the water.  

Bromeliads also become a nursery for tiny tadpoles.  In the embrace of the bromeliad, the tadpoles stay safe from predators, and take nourishment from the water and insects that fall into it.  

We'll tell you all about the living essence of Blue Tango Bromeliad and what it can do when we have completed our field trials!  Stay tuned!

More to come on 2 living orchid essences we captured in Mexico ......