August 1, 2018 @ 9:00 AM


What if everything you learned, experienced, and came to believe as a child is secretly sabotaging you now?  ....


"life is a struggle' ... "I am not OK just as I am" ... " I am not lovable" ... "I don't deserve ..." .... "I can only count on myself" ...


How did you come to have beliefs that are harmful to your happiness?  Why would you adopt these beliefs if they don't make you happy? 


You have 7 basic needs.  These basic needs will motivate and color every action and decision you make throughout your life

safety/security ~ belonging ~ love ~ self-esteem ~ happiness ~ fulfillment ~ challenge/growth


But, what if you experience one of these 7 life-altering wounds?

fear ~ abandonment ~ rejection ~ betrayal ~ guilt ~ humiliation/shame ~ injustice/unfairness


These are emotional hurts you just don't get over easily.  They will deeply alter your self-perception, your perception of others, your happiness, and your perception of life  

What is the result?  NEGATIVE BELIEFS!

Beliefs are life-rules you have created.  You learn them from watching and listening to others, such as your parents, peers and teachers.  Or you form beliefs after having an experience

For example ... You have a bad relationship and get your heart broken.  You say to yourself.  "I'm not having any more relationships.  I will just get hurt."

Beliefs dictate 97% of your behavior and direct the course of your life.  They operate like software, in your unconscious mind, below the level of your awareness

Some beliefs can be positive and life-affirming.  But, negative beliefs create behaviors that limit you and cause unhappiness

What did YOU learn in childhood?

  • It's not safe to be myself
  • I can only count on myself
  • I'm not loveable
  • I am different.  I don't fit in
  • Life is a struggle
  • I don't get to do what I want or love
  • I have to be perfect to earn love
  • I'm not loveable until I'm perfect
  • Everyone else comes first
  • I don't get to be happy


What would change in your life if you began to think and feel differently?

choices ~ relationships ~ self esteem/self worth  ~  finances  ~ self care


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