July 4, 2019 @ 1:17 PM

This amazing new living flower essence was captured from a Saston Dogwood bush.  It took 4 tries before we are able to complete the capture of this essence.  That has never happened before!  

But, here at Enlightened Feelings, there are no accidents in our world!  Each time we sat with the flowers to communicate with them, the flowers took us ever deeper into their wisdom, providing more information and expanding what we called from them    

Both Dogwood and Tulip Tree are Carolinian forest natives, and Enlightened Feelings owns a small acreage of these lovely carolinian trees.  Saston Dogwood is a popular hybrid, but this bush is quite old  

Notice the perfect balance and symmetry of each of the flowers, and how the leaves are arranged in pairs, upon pairs, upon pairs.  Even the bush itself grows in perfect symmetry.  The flowers seem to glow softly and emit light from their core

This flower is all about relationships ... relationships with self and others... but in particular it is helpful for neutralizing family karma.  After all, emotionally we are products of our family and their beliefs about themselves and about us

Dogwood neutralizes and balances by instilling light and healing on an intangible level.  It helps to create a calm, balanced approach to any situation, instilling clarity.  Dogwood can, therefore, be helpful for mediation and negotiation by shifting us into a state of neutrality and allowance.  It promotes universal forgiveness, unification, and liberation.  We believe it may, therefore, help to neutralize old family hexes and curses  

The frequency of Dogwood penetrates to the core of the chest to neutralize emotional pain that is too deep or old to express in tears.  It allows loving acceptance

Dogwood will join our collection of single living flower essences following field trials