January 1, 2020 @ 9:08 AM

Most of the time we LOVE that we offer one-of-a-kind enhanced living flower essences. But, sometimes it is a challenge being a unicorn in a world made for horses!  Our products are so unique and our process methods so revolutionary that we run into glitches when administrative agencies such as FDA, Health Canada, and International Import agencies don't know how to categorize us.  They don't understand what we actually do or what rules should apply for import, labelling, etc.
So, it was inevitable that we would begin to experience issues as we grew and began shipping large quantities of our living essences to the United States.  That happened in early March 2017 

  Opportunity!  But, our philosophy is that if something bad happens, a really wonderful opportunity is about to come out of it.  So, we started working with the FDA, WHMIS, OHSA and US Customs Compliance to ensure that our products and our labels comply with global standards for export.  By April 1st 2017 we had all of our issues resolved and we resumed export to the USA and beyond.  We learned so much that we can use to ship our products around the world.  To date, Enlightened Feelings essences have travelled to at least 13 different countries globally!  
   Less alcohol!  One of our critical decisions was to lower the alcohol content of our essences to 5% so that our products can be safely air shipped globally.  Every daily dose of our living essences now contains only 1 drop of alcohol, (which evaporates quickly in 4 oz of water).  This means our essences have no taste and can be used by recovering alcoholics, competitive athletes, those with religious or cultural restrictions, and by race horses and other human and animal athletes

 Essences name changes!  Some of our living essence products were created specifically to yield amazing physical benefits.  However, the FDA restricts us from telling you this  

That means you might have a bit of a challenge finding your favourite healing essences on our website.  We have to be vague and esoteric ... and you have to read between the lines  

For example, we have abbreviated the names of all 3 of our very popular Accelerated Healing products.  They are now called AH, AH PLUS, and AH Flexible

They are the same products as they've always been ... but now we can't actually tell you what they can do for you.  You'll find AH essences on our website under Transformative Self Healing