April 3, 2020 @ 2:28 PM


The one universal truth is that nothing remains the same.  The infinity symbol illustrates this universal law.  Everything in the universe is kinetic--constantly in motion or chaos.  

infinity symbolIn order for anything to change from its current state of chaos, it first has to come into momentary stillness. 

'STILL POINT' is indicated by the crossover point in the middle of the two circles.  At this point of stillness, chaos can stop its current state of motion, and begin to move in the opposite direction.  

We are at a 'still point'.  Think of the chaos the world has been experiencing in the past few years … the firestorms worldwide that have scorched the lungs of the earth, typhoons in Africa, China, and Japan, massive pollution in every ocean, polar ice caps melting rapidly, the blazing temperatures of global warming, dangerous electromagnetic fields from cell phones and satellites disrupting the protective ozone layer and earth’s own magnetic fields, rapid extinctions of many species of wildlife, conflict, mistreatment, killing, and injustice.  We’ve been moving very quickly in the wrong direction.

But, have you been paying attention?  Or, have you been too busy hustling to uphold the personal comforts and conveniences that form the shaky foundation your own life?  Did you believe that climate change did not impact you personally, that gun violence and racial prejudice were someone else's problem, or that the earth is merely a resource to be used freely? 


There are 2 realities at play in the world today.  One believes that we are an integral part of a larger living entity.  And the other believes that we hold dominion over nature, are smarter than universal forces, and can treat the earth as we please, discard it, and move on to other planets.

I want you to try something right now.  Hold your breath for as long as you can.  

How many seconds did you manage to last?  

Now try to separate yourself from air.  Can you do it?  

No matter how hard you try, you cannot separate yourself from the world around you.  You are a single cell within the earth’s living body.  A single cell of a living, conscious entity.  

You ARE air.  Oxygen is in your very veins, and every cell.  You cannot live for more than about 4 minutes without air.  You inhale air and exhale air.  The air you inhaled came from a tree, or an animal or another person.  The air you exhale is breathed in by trees, and animals and other people.  Back and forth it goes.  A constant exchange of air.  Never separate.  You belong to the entire earth through sharing one air.

You ARE water.  Just like the earth, water comprises 70% of your body.  The earth’s waterways are her blood and her lymph system, just as it is yours.  You can only survive for about 4 days without water. 

Your blood and lymph system carries water throughout your body to nourish every cell, deliver nutrients, and drain away toxins.  
Whatever you ingest is expelled back to the earth through breathe, sweat and urine.  You are constantly renewed by the earth’s water body, and stay in balance only in direct proportion to the balance of the earth itself.  In fact, when parts of the earth are hit with massive flooding, many people begin to experience edema in their own bodies.      

You ARE earth.  Earth's minerals are the catalysts for all your body functions.  Iron (hemoglobin) is part of your blood.  It generates an electromagnetic field that is just like the one the earth’s molten iron core generates.  Your neural pathways are electrical conduits.  You cannot survive without your own electromagnetic field remaining in sympathetic frequency with the earth's own frequency.  

You are energy.  Just like the earth and everything on it, you are made up of atoms.  In fact, you are actually 99.9% energy, and only 1% physical matter.  Quantum physics has proven that consciousness is contained within the valence (unpaired) electrons orbiting atoms.  (We call this an 'electro-magnetic field)  EVERYTHING you have ever thought and felt and experienced is contained within the unpaired electrons comprise your body's electromagnetic field.  

Like air, atoms are constantly expunged and exchanged.  In fact, every atom in your body has not been 'you' longer than 7 years!  Those same atoms comprising 'you' were once within a tree, animal or another person.  Likewise, other life forms have absorbed your 'discarded' atoms and consciousness.  The truth is, you exchange consciousness with everything that exists.  So, you CANNOT be separate despite any illusion to the contrary.   

Since everything that exists is comprised of atoms, and atoms cannot be created or destroyed, it means that everything that exists has an intelligence—a consciousness that is connected to and is a part of everything else — whether it is a rock, tree, bacteria, gas, water or animal.  

This connected consciousness is the reason why whatever we do to the earth will mirror back to us.          

Think of yourself as one cell within the entire body of this earth.  Each cell has complex functions of its own, while being an integral part of the whole.  There can be no intelligence or ‘consciousness’ within you that is not already contained within the earth itself.  Separation is only an illusion.   

Cancer starts out as a single rogue cell that ‘disowns’ itself from the rest of the cells in your body.  Rogue cells do not act in cooperative balance.   They build a barrier to defend their own existence, and continue to use and ravage your body’s resources until they use them up entirely.   Eventually, those disowned cells destroy you.

Viruses are also parasitic.  But, unlike bacteria or other life forms, viruses appear to originate as discarded toxins secreted from cells.  They, too, act to destroy their host, but Covid-19 seems to be evolving to be much more intelligent, deliberate, and selective in choosing who it kills, while using others merely as hosts to facilitate transfer.   

Humans are acting a lot like cancer and virus cells, treating the earth as their host rather than an integral part of themselves.  So, is it any surprise that cancer rates have quickly grown to affect about 70% of the population, and continue to increase?  

You cannot separate yourself from the earth, or act out of balance with nature without causing harm to it and to yourself.  Everything you do to the earth, comes back to you in kind because you are not, and never have been separate from it.  

Even in the darkets of night, something wonderful is happening in the gardenSo, if you shift your perspective, you can see that  Covid-19 is actually a balancing force.  Universal law ALWAYS seeks to re-balance, not to destroy. 

Why is Covid-19 suddenly so different from other viruses?  Why did nature 'turn up the volume' when we didn't listen to what other recent viruses and disasters were telling us?  

Covid-19 demonstrates directly and simply what it is trying to teach and reveal — it prevents you from breathing, just like uncontrolled logging, pollution, and fires are preventing the earth from breathing.  It causes a fever … much like global warming.  It has a lethal effect on your body when your liver and digestion is weakened by toxins, pesticides, pollution, and negative emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, prejudice, and judgment.  So, too, the earth cannot detoxify from unnatural (man-made) chemicals, pollution, toxins, and collective negative emotional energies.  Covid-19 has the capacity to rape your body and kill indiscriminately, the way humans have thoughtlessly pillaged each other and many species of wild animals.   

…  Now, begin to see the world shutdown as a 'still point' in the midst of chaos.  It clearly signals that we are poised to make a collective massive change and enter a new direction

This virus is forcing everyone to stop, to be still, to listen to its message before it is too late.  It is prompting you to move beyond your individual concerns and consider the collective concerns of the earth and all the other individual human and animal ‘cells’ upon it.  It wants you to find humility through fear, to relinquish your thinking mind and travel deep into the mind of the heart where you can see what you have created, and whether it is what you really wanted to create.

"In the rush to return to normal, consider which parts of ‘normal’ are worth going back to."  Dave Hollis

How much do you need the earth to be healthy so that you may also be healthy?  What might this virus be telling you about what is at risk here, beyond the threat of personal inconvenience and illness?  What might the quality of your health tell you about the health of the rivers and oceans, the forests, the air, and all others who share this planet with you?  What might this teach you about illness and healing, about what might be required so that all may be well.


"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know".  Pema Chodron


You have an opportunity at this ‘still point’ juncture to change whatever is not working ... in your daily life, your personal life, your relationships, career, and in the world.  Through exploring and seeing who you really are and what you really believe, you may discover a hidden potential within you that has been hidden by old traumas, misunderstandings, and false beliefs.  Do not waste this opportunity.  Embrace it, and let it change you and your life for the better.  This is a time when you may even be able to re-invent yourself!  How amazing is that! 

"Not all storms come to disrupt your life.  Some come to clear a path"

The best way to see if you are in balance with the world is to examine just how much you have been affected by Covid-19.  How much of your life has ground to a halt?  How much struggle, fear and uncertainty are you experiencing?  What is happening to your relationships?  Whatever isn't working will become magnified.    

If your life is relatively the same, with some minor adjustments and new opportunities to help others, then count yourself among those who are on the right track.  But, if the foundation of your very life is giving way, buckling like a house of cards, then there is much you need to examine and change.  You will never have a better opportunity than NOW to re-invent yourself, your story, your relationships, and your life.

Let your fear speak to you.  Stay still and silent. Do not seek to distract or entertain yourself, or you will not hear the wisdom of your heart.  Know that you possess your own higher intelligence to help yourself if you will only allow it.   In quiet and solitude you are able to go within.   

Connect with whatever feels out of alignment, blocked, or is not working in your life. Now, sit with that and own it.  Write it down. 

Notice what you are resisting.  What is needed to bring change and healing to it?  Write it down.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at changeYou don’t have to know exactly how to make that happen.  You just need to become aware that it DOES need to change and create the INTENT to make change happen.  Intent is a powerful energy.  It is the catalyst for creation.  Envision the end result and how that feels, and the universe automatically begins to co-create with you.  

If you don't know how to do this, ask for assistance… whether that is through prayer, by reaching out to someone else to help you, or through reading and research.  Plan, prepare ... there are many opportunities waiting to be found ... and when the world leaves 'still point',  then act. 

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