May 15, 2020 @ 12:16 PM


Dissolving Anger living flower essence fusionWe are SO excited!  We finally found a way to capture the energy of each essence fusion with its own unique flower frequencies!  We've uploaded the new images depicting each of our flower essence fusions and they are gorgeous!  

Have you noticed them on our flower fusion pages?  As you look at the images you can actually feel their amazing energy!  

Serenity living flower essence fusionWe've also expanded our descriptions.  The new images and expanded descriptions will make it easier for you to choose the ideal essences for your needs  

Did you know that we have 88 different live flower essence fusions?  And we add new formulas all the time!  

Which images do you feel especially drawn to? Do they feel uplifting?  Do they make you feel good?  These are likely essence fusions you need.  They will create harmony within you  

Are there some images that you really resist or don't like?  These may be emotional issues you have buried and are afraid to address or are resisting the need to let go.  You might need to take a control release formula first in order to break through your walls of resistance!


We have more do-it-yourself ways to help you choose the best essences for your needs:   Try our Happiness Quiz or the Quick Mood Test, or check your physical symptoms or what you are feeling

If you need additional help, we also offer 4 types of Testing to suit every budget and every need


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