June 4, 2020 @ 12:02 PM

Have you ever thought about the inescapable relationship that exists between you and every aspect of the world around you?  You interact daily with people and your environment on a physical level.  Your environment also affects you.  But, you also interact more subtly through your energy field, and via your thoughts and feelings  

Have you ever walked into a room after people have been arguing?  You can palpably feel the tension and anger, can't you?  That's because everything that exists is made up of atoms--pure energy.  Energy, by its very nature is active ... it vibrates, affecting everything around it, which affects everything around it, and so on and so on  

Just as you exchange air when you breathe, you are constantly exchanging atoms--first in your vicinity, and then ultimately with everything on the planet.  According to scientists William Tiller and Dr David Suzuki, each of the billions of atoms in your body contains the memory of every experience, every thought, every feeling you have now, or have ever had.  That means as you exchange atoms, you unconsciously send your thoughts and feelings with those atoms to 'infect' someone or something else.  So, at all points in time you are either affecting others with your positive energy, or infecting others with your anger, hatred, animosity, grief, emotional pain, bigotry and other negative emotions.  The same thing is happening to YOU.  This phenomenon is how mass consciousness is created   

Humans are herd animals.  Our brains are hardwired to be aware of emotional energy emanating from others, and to respond to it.  Whether or not we are conscious of it, we are affected by what others feel, especially when it is a strong emotion such as fear, hatred, or anger.  Negative emotions possess a long low wavelength, giving them stronger amplitude, which allows us to more readily sense them and become alert and alarmed.  This phenomenon is part of our survival mechanism.  It is instinctively activated by our sixth sense  

Right now, there's a tremendous amount of negative emotional energy exploding throughout the globe, particularly in the USA.  There needs to be a clear understanding and realization that this emotional energy is affecting us all, whether are not we participate and whether or not we live a great distance from it.  We can feel it.   It alters our body chemistry, though we may not understand why we feel what we do or why our health is adversely affected.  In fact, people are actually causing or amplifying the pandemic and political chaos through their negative emotions

If lately you feel ill, unsettled, or overcome with inexplicable and vacillating emotions such as fear, anger or rage, anxiety, sadness, frustration, etc. without any imminent reason for you to feel this way, then likely you are experiencing this phenomenon  

Negative emotions disable your immune system, causing you to be more vulnerable to infection, virus, or illness.  That is likely why people in nursing homes and certain ethnic groups are more vulnerable to Covid-19.  They tend to experience greater social injustice and harbour a lifetime of emotional pain, and negative emotions   

Disease is in essence a result of conflict between Soul and Mind Feeling anger, malice, hatred and other negative feelings harms you because these low-frequency emotions release neuro-transmitters that alter your physiological functions.  They harm your body.  In fact, the exhale released during just 1 hour of anger contains enough poison to kill 80 guinea pigs!   So, harbouring negative thoughts and feelings is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die!   

Expressing negative emotions is actually a curse you are sending out.  Whether you are posting on Facebook, speaking to others, participating in riots or protests, feeling angry toward someone, or simply home alone with your own anxiety and distress, the energy of your emotions is a wave that is felt by those who read, feel or hear your words, those toward whom you are directing your feelings, those in your environment (including pets), and even those who are innocently minding their own business in their own homes and not understanding WHY they feel unsettled.  It resonates through them, and continues long afterward, radiating outward into the world to affect us all  

We are infecting the world with our negative thoughts and actions.  Period.  Nothing good can come from that 

Every energy healer knows how their loving energy can help and heal others.  But, if you have that energetic power to heal, you will automatically destroy or harm others with your negative energy.  You need to be very conscious of this and responsible   
So, how do we stop this destructive counter-productive mindset?  It is paradoxically the hardest but most simple and positive thing you will ever do 

Stop all negativity.  Stop focusing on what is wrong.  Stop focusing on what you don't want, what you don't like.   It solves NOTHING.  It is not productive or helpful in any way.  In fact, you are feeding negative energy so that it becomes stronger.  You are agitating the people you dislike, which will only cause them to respond more strongly and negatively.  And, you are strengthening dark 'entities' that feed on negative energy such as hate, grief and anger 

Tear yourself away from your obsession about the 'now' and about all that is wrong in the world and who is to blame.   This crisis has brought to light all that needs to change.  And this is a GOOD thing!  

Focus on what you want to see, what you want to create, how you envision things should be, what is positive.  LOOK FORWARD.  Teach yourself to look for the good that is happening everywhere  

Stop looking at what was or what is at this moment, because what you see now is dissolving.  The old order and everything that was out of balance or is not working is falling into decay.  It is painful, and it is messy.  But, you asked for change.  You prayed for it.  By focusing on the pain of that change you are only prolonging it

Become aware of what your prayers are actually doing.  You prayed for an end to climate change and pollution.  You prayed to end global war.  You prayed to end the mass extinction of wild-life.  You prayed for a solution to overpopulation and the burden it places on the planet and our resources.  You prayed for our children, who have felt isolated, depressed and suicidal.  You prayed for time ... time alone, time to do the things you never seem to get around to doing, time with your family.  Covid-19 has answered every one of those prayers.  Be grateful for this blessing and see that your prayers have been answered.  There is a Higher Wisdom at work here  
We need to collectively clearly envision what will replace the current order so that this stage of dissolution can gain energy and speed up to quickly manifest as positive change.    See only the wonderful things that can emerge.  Picture them in your mind's eye.    See the positive end result in its wholeness, and let the universe look after the getting to that place.  Write it down to give it another step toward physical manifestation.  Then make yourself FEEL it.  Feel what that brave new world will feel like, and how you will feel in it.  Take the quiet time you have now to do this.  It is urgent!

"Any fool can run towards the light. It takes a master with courage to turn and face the darkness and shine his own light there."-- Leslie Fieger

Take this quiet time to your own inner healing, too.  Unless you act quickly to heal the negative thoughts and feelings you harbor, you will continue to affect the world around you in a negative way.  That simply means reconciling and healing your memories and feelings so they do not continue to energetically impact you and all around you.  Become aware of those things in your life that do not contribute to your overall happiness in a positive way.  Then you can begin to consciously create a life that is filled with harmony.  That, in turn, benefits everyone around you

"Love is the miracle cure.  Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives"  Louise Hay

Our amazing protection essences can effortlessly shield you from other people's negative energies (SHIELD), or to help transmute your own negative energies and those of others while providing a protective barrier (CLEAR & PROTECT).  Once your energy is clear and unencumbered, you have the strength and clarity to dissipate or dissolve heavy emotional energy by sending it love

Healing yourself is the ultimate way to contribute to the health of the planet as well as your future relationships.  We have wonderful heart-healing essences that can help you achieve this effortlessly ....

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