October 15, 2021 @ 9:48 AM

EMF Shield
We are in a time when we have to break down in order to break through to another way of being.  That is uncomfortable, and often downright painful, both physically and emotionally/mentally
At this time some powerful cosmic energies are hitting our planet.  These powerful energies include solar flares and solar radiation that are reaching earth due to leaks in our ionosphere.  These frequencies are very disruptive to our nervous systems and this is resulting in a lot of stress and inner chaos, fear, and confusion  
The 'cure' for this internal (and external) chaos is prompt your own personal energy to become coherent.  
You do that by invoking emotions that are the antithesis of chaos--your most natural intrinsic feelings like love, gratitude, joy, compassion and courage.  These emotions flow through you, instead of from you.  They are universal energies 
Chaos must come to a still point/neutral before it can shift into another state.  That is the great cosmic purpose behind the pandemic: To bring the world to a halt so we can begin to change our values, our priorities, and our relationship with self
I have never seen a time when people have had to use more than one of our essence fusions at a time (except adjunct essences such as Control Release or Shield).  Our products are so powerful that taking more than one will normally overload your nervous system.  But, lately, lots of people need to be taking more than one essence at a time.  And their bodies really seem to need this.  
That is really quite shocking to us!  
The archangels tell me it is because people need to be shifting into higher brain waves (higher than Beta)… These newly discovered energies are called Gamma brain waves.  Gamma brain waves unite your heart (software) with brain (computer) to promote coherence  
Your heart is actually the command centre for your entire being--NOT your brain.  Your brain is merely the 'computer' that organizes and directs the commands from the heart  
Prompting mental and emotional coherence is exactly what our products do.  Personal coherence is the fastest and easiest way to stop the current chaos in the world and to bring it to an end.  

NEW TREND EMERGING:  Normally we do not advocate using more than 2 essence fusions in a day.  One of those 2 essences is generally an adjunct essence fusion to support the primary essence fusion.  
Adjunct essences are not about mental or emotional processing.  They are for balancing, support or protection.  Adjunct essences are very calming, nurturing and balancing
But, suddenly we are seeing an increasing need to create more complex protocols to override the extreme emotional states that people are currently experiencing.  This is unprecedented!
That doesn't mean you should be doubling up on your essences.  If you suspect you might need more than one essence fusion at a time, you really should order a mini photo test and list the essences you want us to test for you.  We will advise on the actual essences you need, and exactly how to take them for best results.
Essence fusions we highly recommend at this time for their calming, balancing properties are EMF SHIELD, RESTORE, DRAMA FREE, and CLEAR & PROTECT