December 18, 2021 @ 5:27 PM


We are so sorry to report that we are still not able to ship to the USA, and likely will not be able to do so until March 1, 2022.  

YES...We ARE still shipping throughout Canada, UK, Europe and Australia!   

However, at the present time we cannot ship to USA, due to a US customs misclassification issue.  Complicated by the pandemic and work-from-home practices in gov’t offices (which caused the problem in the first place), it is taking an abnormally protracted length of time and had required a huge amount of diligent investigation, correspondence, and fortitude to resolve the issue.  We have been working on solutions for the past 6 months and hope to have a satisfactory resolution in about a month.  It has required quite a bit of outside-the-box thinking, and a lot of time-consuming changes and details must be implemented, such as new labelling, field trials for potential alcohol-free products, and petitions to the International Trade Commission!  But, in the end, we expect to have a better product and better shipping and transportation implemented to the USA.  So, it's all good!



We have already petitioned 2 times unsuccessfully to have our products properly designated as health products to allow for export into the USA.  We are now petitioning a 3rd time.  We have also spent considerable time preparing safety data sheets and working with our couriers to find a different way to export to USA.  We have even looked into setting up a distribution facility in the USA, but cannot do so until the pandemic restrictions are limited.  

We have discovered this is actually a VERY common USA import issue with natural health companies.  In reviewing other natural health companies who have had the exact same issues with US CBP, the 3rd petition is generally successful.  Each petition takes at least 2 months or longer before it is reviewed.  (some have taken up to 4 years!)  Hence, we do not expect a resolution until March 1, 2022.  

That said, if our shippers can find a way around the restrictions, we will immediately do a happy dance and let you all know immediately via our newsletter and blog.  We are optimistic that this will happen in January. 

We sincerely thank you for choosing Enlightened Feelings and are so appreciative of your loyalty and support.   We miss all of our wonderful USA clients and look forward to being able to assist you again in the near future.  So, please don’t forget about us!