February 12, 2021 @ 10:36 AM


Heart Speak"HEART SPEAK" 

Deepens communication and intimacy with partners and others by allowing you to connect to your deepest thoughts and feelings and communicate them honestly, authentically, and openly.  The revealer of truth in a relationship, you will know exactly what your relationship is.  This fusion allows you to honour the sacred truth of others with graceful responding, not taking it personally even if sadness or disappointment arises.

The effects of this essence are cumulative and it needs to be taken by both parties at the same time.  It begins to work most effectively after about 3 days.  

When taken by an individual without a partner/relationship, this fusion opens you to more relaxed, authentic, heart-centred, eloquent communication that deepens your rapport and allows others to respond more favourably to you in social settings as well as one on one.  You'll feel closer to others and more connected than ever before

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50 (for couples) 

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Open Heart


is designed to open up the hearts of those who are aloof, un-demonstrative, unaffectionate, and unable to communicate loving sentiments.  It allows you to feel more comfortable demonstrating 'warm and fuzzy' feelings such as love and nurturing toward others.  

This essence fusion can be very helpful for those who never experienced warmth and affection as children and therefore feel uncomfortable and awkward with these emotions 

30 ml  $30   

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