January 19, 2022 @ 2:58 PM

How emotions make you vulnerable to Covid (and other viruses)Why is it that many people test positive for Covid, but do not show any symptoms? 

A virus can be in your body, but it cannot become active until it actually gains entry into your cells.  Each strain of virus can only enter through a specific cell receptor that matches its own frequency.  For example, many communicable viruses, such as flu, use the H1 cell receptor (Histamine 1).  Histamine is released when you feel threatened in some way--stress, fear, worry, defensiveness, personal attack.

Cell receptors are located on the exterior surface of the cells.  They release chemical proteins called neuropeptides (NP's) which prompt all of your body's functions.  You have about 360 different NP's in your body, each with its own cell receptor, and each with its own specific function.      

Cell receptors don't just open randomly on their own.  They open in response to frequencies travelling through the nervous system.  When a specific frequency activates a cell receptor, it opens and releases the corresponding neuropeptide.  It's a domino effect--Frequency elicits cell receptor to open-->Neuropeptide releases-->Physiological response takes place.    But, when the right cell receptor is active and open, then a virus can gain entry.  

Where do the frequencies originate?  Your EMOTIONS!  Each emotion has its own specific frequency, which the cells recognize.  Think of it as a keyless entry.

So, in order for COVID (or any other virus to gain entry), you must be feeling negative emotions.  COVID attaches to an ACE protein-->which functions to activate angiotensin (regulation of heart and lungs)-->which then prompts Histamine 3 (blood regulation and clotting).  This is the same path by which viruses such as parvovirus and herpes enter cells.   These specific NP's tell us that the active emotional state required to open these cell receptors is GRIEF and GUILT.  

It is clear that COVID is being perpetuated by the very restrictive measures instituted to deter it.  We feel grief not only from the loss of loved ones, but from isolation, the loss of all our pleasures and freedoms, the loss of jobs and businesses.  We are made to feel guilty in order to force us to comply-- "the best way to protect your parents and those at risk is to be vaccinated and to self-isolate."  Guilt is felt when we feel we are selfish or let others down.  We can also understand why specific segments of society seem to be more vulnerable--the elderly, minorities, those in nursing homes.


So, how can we protect ourselves?  The key is in maintaining positive emotions.  The antidote to Covid is HAPPINESS, gratitude, love.  When your cells are releasing beneficial neuropeptides such as oxytocin and endorphins, the cell gate-receptors for Covid remain closed.  So, practice gratitude, feeling blessed, feeling loved.  Make sure your children and family feel loved and happy and safe.  Happiness is ultimately how we make this virus die out! ~