January 1, 2022 @ 7:20 PM

Salt Water Feng Shui Cure

Here is an amazing new way to clear your house or office of negativity!  It is based on a Feng Shui salt water cure

Use a small clean straight-sided glass or jam jar with a wide mouth.  Use a jar that has a screw-on lid, and is inexpensive, because you will throw it away in a year's time.  

Fill 1/2 full with un-iodized white salt (pickling salt is best).  Then add spring water and fill to the top.  (Don't use tap water, as it contains chlorine, or reverse-osmosis water as it is dead (contains no electrical charge))

Add 14 drops of Space Clearing directly from the bottle 

Leave the lid off of your salt water cure, but keep it with the jar for future use  

Place the jar in an inconspicuous spot (such as behind books on a shelf) in an area of your home that feels 'dark' or negative, or needs clearing and protection, such as under stairs, in the southwest or northeast sector of your home.  Make sure it is an area where it won't be touched or disturbed.  Be sure to place a saucer under the jar, or the salt will mar furniture  

Add 14 drops once a month (or more often if you notice ambient negativity developing)

Top up with water when needed to ensure the jar remains full.  But, don't touch or disturb the jar with your bare hands, and don't spill the solution!

You will notice a positive difference in your home and life almost immediately--often within minutes.  Suddenly your home will feel more serene and neutral.  Positive things will begin to happen

The more encrusted the jar becomes, the more negativity it is absorbing.  If you forget about the salt water cure, you will notice when it is time to change the salt water cure as suddenly things will be going wrong 

Carefully discard the solution once a year, or more often if it becomes very encrusted.  Use rubber gloves.   Screw the cap on the old jar carefully without spilling the solution.  Place in a sealed bag in the garbage.  DO NOT dump down the drain or on your property or road, as the remedy will contain a huge amount of negative energies.  You don't want this concentrated negativity loose in your house, neighbourhood, or on your hands!