November 25, 2022 @ 5:22 PM

Is ‘STRUGGLE’ how you would define your life?

We think of struggle as a force that is impeding us.  But struggle isn’t a circumstance or force that is happening to you.  It is happening FROM you.

Struggle occurs because of resistance & avoidance.  You are resisting what it will take to make a change.

Struggle is the universe's way of trying to change your directionThe universal law of attraction dictates that what you resist persists.  Nothing can change until you change how you think and what are doing or not doing.

For example:  You aren’t struggling with forgiveness.  You are struggling with the willingness to forgive.  

You aren’t struggling to make your marriage work.  You are struggling with leaving and how will you survive on your own.  You perceive staying in the relationship as a lesser struggle.  

You aren’t struggling because you are poor.  You have succeeded at poverty!  You are, however, resisting change and the solution which is to learn, assimilate, and act on your new knowledge in order to change the situation.  That is harder work and is a much greater responsibility than you face with your current struggle to subsist.  So, you choose the easier struggle.

The definition of struggle is “effort laced with a negative belief”.  I interpret struggle as ‘self-sabotaging resistance to necessary change’. 

You don’t come out on the other side of struggle until you figure out what positive change you are actually resisting, and why.   

Do to struggle with aloneness?  Ask yourself why love eludes you.  What blocks your heart and needs to be healed?  
Are you struggling with lack or poverty?   hmmmm… do you blame all the evils of the world on rich and successful people?  Do you resent money and all it represents? 

Well then, you will always be poor.  Because your conscience will never allow you to have an abundance of something that you believe will make you become a bad person.  Subconsciously you will always sabotage any attempts to acquire money so that you can feel good about yourself spiritually. 

Once you shed your distorted view of your yourself, you will find you are pretty awesome!Are you missing out on the life you really want because you are procrastinating with making changes or taking action or learning something that will change your circumstances?  Is resistance to your day to day life resulting in no joy or enthusiasm to feed your actions and dreams?  Does the work feel bigger than you are capable of handling?

Some of the clever ways we avoid change or taking action are procrastination, excuses and rationalization, denial, blame, inflexibility, negativity, pessimism, self-doubt, attracting crisis, attachment to duty or responsibility, low self-esteem, settling for, creating roadblocks, not stepping into our power, feeling undeserving, not listening to our true feelings and desires, and cluttering up our lives to feel busy.

Have you ever noticed that successful people are fastidious and highly organized?  Take a look at your environment.  Are you surrounded by clutter?  Clutter sends a negative subliminal message to your brain.  It implies barriers, struggle, and silently scolds you.  Clutter makes your brain feel overwhelmed and stressed.  It takes a lot of effort to live with clutter.  Clutter is the hallmark of people who are struggling!
Clutter can be defined as anything impeding you mentally or physically…  it can be an overabundance of furniture or decorative objects in your home, shoes piled up at the door, stacks of books or papers on your desk, unfinished projects, kitchen counters covered with dishes and jars, closets and drawers crammed full, a garage or basement stuffed with broken, forgotten, and neglected boxes of things you just can’t bring yourself to discard or give away. 

Clutter silently criticizes you.  It makes you feel overwhelmed, tired and stressed.  Clutter puts things in your way and makes your life much harder than it needs to be. 

Mark a new beginning to your life by clearing the clutter.  Start with a goal of 1 drawer or cupboard a day.  
Our essence fusions Strength & Resolve combined with Breaking Bad Habits are stellar at helping you feel the determination, discipline and focus you need to effectively declutter!   

Step 2:  Complete any projects you have been putting off or thought you couldn’t do.  Schedule one small project at a time into each day.  You can’t feel really good about yourself until you have the courage and attitude to take action—ANY action!  Sew on that missing button.  Get caught up on your ledger.  It will give you a sense of release, satisfaction and freedom.  One or more of our empowerment essence fusions can help and support you … Self Esteem, Empowerment, Success, Support,  Door to Change,  Proactive, Courage, Adapt to Change, or I Am Deserving.  (Door to Change and Courage are our 2 NEWEST essence fusions!)