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“All of us are seeking the same thing.  We share the desire to fulfill the highest truest expression of ourselves as human beings.”  Oprah Winfrey



I was once asked a philosophical question … “If you could have one superpower what would it be?”  hmmmm … 



What is a superpower?  It is a personal strength that brings benefit to others.  


Every one of us has at least one superpower.  Most often we use it every day, without a second thought.  We take it so much for granted that we don't even realize that others do not have that same ability. 

There are, of course, obvious special talents and abilities such as artistic ability, a sense of rhythm for dance, athletic prowess, or a beautiful voice for singing.  There are those who feel a calling to their destiny, to a special purpose or passion.  But, there are infinite numbers of ordinary folks with specialized skills that are so intrinsic and natural they don't even see them as exceptional.

For example, my younger sister can open an empty fridge or cupboard, take some very meagre ingredients and condiments and turn them into a spectacular meal. To me this is tantamount to magic!  I couldn’t do that if my life depended on it!

My older sister was a highly creative artist.  She had the rare ability to inspire!  As a teacher, she explained technical concepts in a way that was absolutely enthralling!  She was able to make you feel like it was your own discovery.  How utterly amazing!  

My brother can pick up any musical instrument and learn to play it within minutes.  He has the same gift with learning languages.  Those are his superpowers.  

One of my friends has the gift of making others feel at ease.  He can talk to anybody about anything.  He strikes up gentle conversations with strangers where ever he goes, and seems to have a special sense for those who are shy and introverted.  He makes them feel included.  That is certainly a real superpower! 



YOU have a superpower too!  Perhaps even more than one superpower.  But, are you aware of them?  Do you use them deliberately to help others?  This is important to know!


Once you recognize your superpower and begin to use it consciously and deliberately, an understanding of your true value to others will grow.  You will begin to realize why people might love and appreciate you.  This, in turn, increases your self-worth and sense of belonging.


Let's explore ... Are you empathic or psychic?  Do you have an innate ability to organize and get things done?  Are you a natural nurturer?  Do you have an eloquent way with words that inspires or enchants others?  Do you find the humour in everything?  Do you often get people excited and motivated through your enthusiasm?  Are you the calm, stable force in a crisis?  These are all amazing gifts that help and delight others!  Few people possess these natural enviable talents. 


Some people earn a living from their superpower… chefs and authors, for example.  Some people use their incredible ability to make money, to expand and accumulate assets.  This is a much-envied superpower! 


Others not only use their superpower, they teach it to others:  Monty Roberts’ super power is the rare natural ability to read and understand horse body language and the way a horse thinks.  He intuitively knows how to speak to a horse though body language, and will give a horse exactly what it needs so it will choose to partner with humans.  The result is deeply bonding working partnerships between horses and humans.  


Monty has taken that superpower even further by teaching it to others.  And that same superpower has now expanded even further by applying the same principles he uses on horses to helping ‘problem’ children learn to trust and become well-balanced and productive.  He has been able to change the lives of many troubled youth in group or foster homes.



How do you discover your superpower?  The clue is that your superpower is very often also your kryptonite!  When you invert or mis-use your superpower, it becomes harmful to you.  It’s your area of downfall or inadvertent method of self-sabotage. 


For example, a nurturer will tend to look after everyone around her, making sure that everyone is happy … everyone but her.  You see, a nurturer’s downfall/kryptonite is that she forgets to look after herself.  She does not know how to ask for what she needs or wants!  She puts others first, and thereby drains herself and becomes a martyr.  To use their gifts wisely, nurturers must learn to also nurture themselves.  Otherwise, nurturers often end up with breast cancer.    


There are people who are adept at ‘reading’ other people.  We call them empaths.  Empaths can actually feel what others feel.  When this skill is used properly, empaths can help emotionally discordant people connect with their feelings and properly process their emotional experiences.  They can help people who are too intellectual to find greater balance by helping them get in touch with their senses and feelings, thereby activating their right brain hemisphere. 


Empaths make excellent counsellors.  They are often great salespeople because they intuitively know what a person wants or needs.  But, empathy becomes their kryptonite when they do not follow the 3 rules of being an effective empath—be honest, set boundaries, and refrain from trying to solve everyone’s emotional problems.  Their job is to help people connect with and understand their true feelings.  In this way they can recognize their own needs and solve their own problems.


When not using their gift consciously, empaths absorb other people’s feelings too readily, and may not always be able to distinguish their own feelings from emotions that belong to someone else.  Empaths can become overwhelmed by crowds, emotional overload, or negative, critical people.  They will cry over sad movies, and often unconsciously mimic other people’s body language and inflections.           


One of the greatest superpowers is the ability to love unconditionally.  Very few have this extraordinary gift!  The majority of people set conditions on their love, and give or withdraw love as reward or punishment.  Or they become jaded by life and withdraw from love.


Those who love unconditionally often become healers and spiritual guides.  In fact, the greatest healers come from a world of pain and rejection.  That’s where compassion, wisdom, and humility is formed—from survival, healing, and transcendence.  It becomes a powerful strength.  It is easy to be loving when you have been shown love and kindness.  It is an extraordinary superpower to arrive at that same place of unconditional love when it is so opposite from the rejection, betrayal, judgment and abuse you were taught.  


But, kindness can also become a weakness.  Kind people tend to lack boundaries and have low self appreciation.  They get walked on by others. 


Let’s explore a few more superpowers to see how to use them wisely and what happens when they are inverted … 


Do you have the gift of expressing thoughts in an eloquent and easily understood manner?  Whether oral or written, communication helps to unite people through understanding and enlightenment.  It can also stimulate mental processes in others, entertain, and awaken the imagination.  What an amazing superpower that can benefit society on many levels!  But, when inverted, it can lead to manipulation, persuasion, coercion, misdirection, and political fraud. 


Perfectionism is an important superpower.  If it weren’t for perfectionists and critical thinkers, nothing would improve, details would not be looked after, quality would not be important, and the world of humans would steadily decline.  But, when used from a place of maintaining personal control and safety, or to control others, it becomes one of the most inverted/misused skills!  


Playful people teach us not to take life so seriously.  They are curious and adventurous explorers who follow their heart.  They see magic and wonder all around us in nature and in the mundane moments of our lives.  These are the rare and beautiful creative people who help us break out of ruts and stagnant patterns to see things with fresh eyes.  They inspire us to take risks, explore, create what we envision, and have adventures, especially with love.  They are intrinsically connected to the energy of Creator because they manifest ideas into physical form. 


But, when inverted, playful people won’t allow love or creativity to come through them or to them.  They can accidentally manifest negative creations, or they may destroy their own creations, or not want to share or part with them.  In this way, they squash or deny their potent power.        


Abstract Reasoning is a rare ability.  It is the unique and rare capacity to see hidden correlations and connections between seemingly unrelated subjects.  If offers a broader perspective.  Einstein had this ability.  It allowed him to find deeper answers and common threads that eluded other scientists.  Theologians also have this ability.  They can see the common themes running through all religions or cultures.   Another aspect of abstract reasoning is the ability to see all sides of a situation.  Abstract reasoning is one of my own superpowers.             



So, what is YOUR superpower?  Most people are their own worst critic.  You likely won't be objective enough to see what is unique or special about you.  But, the traits and abilities that you take for granted or do not recognize within yourself are quite likely your superpower! 


Bullying almost always results from a superpower that you are inverting.  People unconsciously sense that your strength is also your kryptonite, and push against it, or use it against you. 


For example, sensitivity and kindness toward others comes from a strong awareness of social injustice and sensitivity toward ‘underdogs’… a beautiful superpower!  But, this may become inverted into self-consciousness and low self esteem, which invites victimization—you become an underdog yourself.  


If you intentionally focus your attention on making others feel love, acceptance, and belonging, it creates inner strength and purpose.  This invites admiration, protection, and love into your life—It becomes a satisfying superpower!     


If you unable to see or understand what extraordinary skill you possess, ask your friends or colleagues to tell you the qualities they like or admire about you.  Within the seeds of that information is the clue to your superpower.  TIP:  Avoid asking family as they are not likely to be so flattering or objective!  


Still at a loss?  Consider hosting a ‘What’s My Superpower’ party? (zoom or live)  


Invite a few of your friends or colleagues.  Bring on the wine, food, and great music.  Ask each guest to share their observations of the enviable qualities and skills of others within the group.  Write them down to make it more real, more powerful and lasting.  What a feel-good, empowering evening!   


Everyone will receive multiple perspectives, insights, and verbal confirmations of their special skills and qualities.  Through the loving observations of others, you each will gain insights into the unique gifts you bring to your small corner of the world.  It’s a feel-good, productive way to connect with your own natural talents and strengths as well as the superpowers of your friends.  At the same time, it will help reinforce everyone's self worth and sense of belonging.  ~




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