March 5, 2022 @ 4:21 PM

Periodically we review our essence fusions to see if we can make any improvements.  Most often this is done when we add a new essence to our collection and we think it's unique energies might improve some of the formulas.  

During our latest review we were astounded that a total of 19 essence fusions needed changes!  The reasons were quite clear.  The pandemic has very much changed how people FEEL and the reasons for these feelings.  We expected that.  But, we were shocked to see that the COVID vaccine has also changed everyone's metabolism and body chemistry!


Here are the essence fusions that are new and improved for our current state of emotional and physical being:

HEARTBREAK HEAL , BROKEN HEART HEAL, COMFORT & SOLACE, & HEART CHAKRA.  Grief and sadness has intensified due to isolation, loneliness, a loss of our lifestyles, and unexpected deaths that have no closure (funerals).  We're grieving over our lost lives--the fun, travel, and socializing we miss, as well as feelings of isolation and disconnect.  We're also grieving collectively over how this has changed our world, and over the masses of people that have died due to lack of medical care, improper medical care, vaccine reactions, and COVID complications.    

We've taken into consideration a broader range of causes for grief, and a greater intensity in overall grief.  Since the frequencies of grief, guilt or anxiety must be present in order to open the specific cell receptor through which COVID gains entry into your cells, it is critically important to address these feelings immediately.






FERTILITY, WOMEN'S VITALITY, WOMB HEAL, & 4 CHAKRA ESSENCES (Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra).  Statistics have shown that the mRNA vaccine is indeed changing people's DNA. It is particularly affecting those with existing health issues (such as cancer and heart disease), as well as those with health issues that were in remission, and women's fertility and hormone balance.  A significant increase in miscarriages and infertility has been noted in the USA.  As a result, we have enhanced these formulas to support and assist you 



ABUNDANCE,  ALIGN TO YOUR DESTINY, OPEN DOOR TO CO-CREATION, & BELOVED INNER CHILD.   Lots of time at home with fewer distractions has given people time to come face-to-face with the state of their lives.  People do not just want wealth anymore.  They also want fulfillment and joy in their work!



CAREFREE  Children have also been deeply affected by the emotional constraints of the pandemic!  They've felt fear, uncertainty, restriction and challenges.  So, we have addressed the increased needs of both children and adults with an enhanced formula to dissolve seriousness and instil lighthearted happiness


We also have 5 new essence fusions in field trials!  We're really pulling out the 'big guns' to help people become FREE!  These formulas are especially relevant to our experiences during the pandemic.  They were created 2 years ago before the pandemic began.  But, we could not release them until you were actually ready for them... 

ENTHUSIASM  To start living forward after so much time in holding pattern

DESTINY'S CHILD  To put you in control of your own fate

COURAGE  To help overcome paralyzing fears

DOOR TO CHANGE  To help motivate and strengthen those experiencing unwelcome transitions or change

THE BIG RESET  A dynamic life-altering massive reset to unbind your soul by clearing causal dynamics