July 31, 2022 @ 1:35 PM


Our first in-home training program is nearing completion!  We've had so very many details to consider before launching.  

We've switched to a digital format for easier delivery and better control over your learning process.  We're creating a dedicated practitioner website to support our students and practitioners.  We've added reams more information to the course than originally planned.  We petitioned for a uniform HS Code to ensure we have no glitches in exporting our products globally.  We've renovated our website to be more mobile-friendly.  We're migrating our websites to a faster, more modern server.  And we worked on efficient methods of delivering products to you   

All of this is taken a mammoth amount of time, technical knowledge, and energy!  But ... We are currently working on the last section of the final module before sending it to press!  It is the longest section and the most detailed, as it describes our products!  

ENLIGHTENED FEELINGS IN PRACTICE teaches you how to incorporate our living flower essence fusions into your existing health practice.  This comprehensive course is presented in 6 easy-to-learn modules, including an holistic business module.  
There are assignments and testing for each module       

We currently have applicants registered from 9 different countries, including 24 US states, and 7 Canadian provinces.  If you are interested in taking one of our professional training programs, you must pre-register.  After the debut, our tuition fees will increase


 Pre-register now!

Did you know that we feature 100 different helpful living flower essence fusions and more than 110 different single flower frequencies, as well as live flower essences for children and pets, flower essence sets, and 4 types of testing services?