August 31, 2022 @ 9:48 AM

We LOVE finding ways to make your challenges become much easier!  Of course, our living flower frequencies certainly top our list of tools to assist you!

Do you have a youngster heading off to kindergarten for the first time, a child heading to a new school, or a teen heading off to college or university?  ADAPT TO CHANGE can make the transition effortless for them!  This lovely essence fusion can help to instil a greater sense of adventure and openness the new experiences.  This is the antidote to fear, stress, and homesickness

Don't forget to order ADAPT TO CHANGE or MOVING ON for yourself, too!   After all, your life will be changing with the upcoming empty nest!


We have other amazing remedies for all your child's needs .... UPLIFTING CONFIDENCE to increase confidence and help your child be more out-going ... SELF ACCEPTANCE to improve self esteem and help your child be comfortable with their own body ... FOCUS to increase study focus ... calming anti-stress remedies such as RESCUE & REVIVE that help your child cope better in the classroom ... SOCIAL OUTCAST to overcome the detrimental effects of bullying and shyness ... ZEN to relax your child at bedtime so he or she can get a worry-free good night's sleep 


Cut back on sugar consumption!  Sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine!  It is also just as addictive!  Sugar increases stress levels, decreases attention and focus, and increases hyperactivity.  Children who consume large amounts of sugar can be  mistakenly diagnosed as having ADHD--a stigma that will detrimentally affect their self esteem and confidence for the rest of their lives!  Your child will fare much better at school and demonstrate less tantrums and outbursts with a lot less sugar in the diet!  Biggest culprit?  Sugary cereals and juice-boxes in the AM!  

The average child today eats more than their weight in sugar every year!  Sugar and its derivatives is present in almost all packaged foods including cereals, juices and beverages, condiments such as ketchup, and snacks.  Ingredients on bottles and packages list ingredients in order of volume.  The item listed first has the highest amount of that ingredient, and the last item listed has the least amount.  If sugar or glucose/frutose is listed in the top 3 or 4 of the ingredients, it means the item is loaded with sugar.  You need to avoid giving that product to your child!


Change the diet to include higher nutrient content.  Pay attention to packaged foods such as cereals and breads that say "Fortified".  What that really means is that during processing all of the nutrients were destroyed.  It could no longer be legally sold as a food product unless nutrients were re-introduced  

Of course, companies want to save money.  So, they use the cheapest elements possible.  For example "fortified with iron" generally means ferous fumerate is added.  This is an industrial waste byproduct that is basically iron filings.  It is highly toxic, and causes symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, such as decreased cognition and brain function, and behavioural issues

Avoid shopping in the middle isles of the grocery store--the packaged food products section.  Stick to the outer edges of the store where the vegetables, meats, and fresh perishable foods are found.  Whenever possible buy organic.  Organic vegetables are not only higher in nutritional content, they also contain an extra hydrogen anion which makes the nutrients easier to assimilate


Make certain your children spend at least 2 hours a day outdoors.  Apart from the grounding/de-stressing effects of spending time in nature, and the health benefits of fresh air and exercise, children need a minimum of 2 hours of sunlight directly on the retinas of their eyes in order for their brains to function properly.  Exercise and movement helps the brain to function better.  In addition, we all need vitamin D, derived from sunlight to regulate our moods!  The #1 cause of sadness and depression is lack of sunlight