September 4, 2022 @ 4:06 PM


CLUTTER  is an important principle of Feng Shui.  In feng shui, your home represents the different aspects of you, and your life--your family, career, prosperity, relationship, health, future, and self.  A cluttered house = a cluttered, confused mind and body that isn’t letting go of the past.  It places unnecessary obstacles in the way of your present and your future


Clutter or hoarding delivers subliminal messages of obstacles, confusion, resistance, and not letting go.  If you can't let go of material objects you have collected, you certainly cannot let go of all the negative emotional attachments these objects represent  


Clutter exacerbates stress by causing mental confusion, overwhelm, lethargy, and an inability to cope.  It is a major cause of relationship discord


Clutter induces brain fog, procrastination, underachieving, lethargy, wasted time, inefficiency and low self esteem.  More importantly, clutter prevents your brain from functioning in an organized manner, and that results in stress and constipation.  Take a look in your child’s bedroom and see if clutter might be a cause of poor grades at school   


When clearing clutter, start with your bedroom, or the entrance to your home.  When that is completed, tackle closets, drawers and under the stairs


Don’t neglect the basement, attic, and back yard.  Those areas represent your subconscious mind


Choose appropriate flower essence remedies to assist with your transformation.  We recommend our BREAKING BAD HABITS PROTOCOL .  Be prepared for corresponding mental shifts to happen when you de-clutter