February 15, 2023 @ 1:15 PM


For the past 4 years I have been working on a really big project—A comprehensive practitioner course to train health professionals all over the world how to help people with our Enlightened Feelings products 

Completing the course curriculum has been a real struggle.  
I couldn't launch the course until I knew I could reliably deliver products to the practitioners and had time set aside to mentor student practitioners effectively.  As it turns out, the arrival of Divine timing isn't always swift! 

Every out-of-my-control delay imaginable has occurred to impede completion … cross-border shipping issues and escalating delivery costs ... restrictions instituted by the pandemic ... new government regulations and licenses instituted each year which take months to negotiate through ... an accidental fractured wrist severely curtailed speed and function for many months ... website hosting and SEO issues and upgrades keep popping up ...  


The final piece of regulation went into effect Jan 1, 2023 and we have met all the requirements.  So, now we finally have the green light to proceed with the training program!    


Surround yourself with others on the same bold mission... Join our global team of practitionersMeanwhile, the curriculum keeps expanding as time goes on.  It is a huge responsibility to competently transmit the huge volume of information I know, to teach a course as complicated as the work we do at Enlightened Feelings in a simple but comprehensive way that will ensure practitioners become highly competent and skilled 

When the concept of a course was initially launched, it was a fraction of what it has evolved into now.  My goal is to create the BEST practitioners in the world within the flower essence genre! 


Our courses are designed to augment and enhance ALL health disciplines, increasing your scope and capacity to better help others.  The courses even include an holistic business module and marketing program, as well as a dedicated practitioner website to help ensure the success of our practitioners!  We already have students enrolled from 10 countries, 20 US states, and 6 Canadian provinces 


We all know the Enlightened Feelings products can help to change the world for the better.  The more trained practitioners we have, the more people we can help, and the faster global consciousness will evolve!  

This project requires unrelenting commitment to the students, the public, the FDA, and Health Canada to ensure each graduating practitioner is highly competent and knowledgeable.  It necessitates personal mentoring and supervision in addition to marking tests and reviewing assignments.  And on-going new courses to upgrade skills and learn new techniques.  And a dedicated website to showcase our certified practitioners so people can find the help they need much closer to home. 


I have already completed 90% of the Level 1 Practitioner Course.  This course teaches you how to competently work with our prepared live flower essence fusions.  More than 500 pages are already completed.  I have been working on the last 2 chapters of the final module whenever time allows.    After I complete the course, the website to host the courses and showcase the practitioners must then be created  

Be sure to stay tuned for updates and announcements …  If you have already pre-registered, we will be contacting you with a formal application.  You can choose at that time whether you still want to commit the course.  If you have not yet pre-registered click here