March 15, 2023 @ 11:12 PM


Each February/early March we experience a shakeup with US Customs.  New legislations are often introduced Jan 1st of each year.  So, delays are understandable while customs agents try to interpret the new laws and enforce them.  Mistakes are inevitable by USCBP, customs brokers, and companies shipping packages  

This year is no exception.  Our packages are suddenly being held up.  We are doing everything we can to find out why and find solutions.  We expect to be able to resume sending your products to you very soon  

It is OK to submit a USA order, as long as you allow us to hold your purchase order until we can ship to you without issue

Remember... When you place your order online it is merely a purchase order.  Nothing is charged to your credit card until we have your order packaged and a courier pickup has been requested

Thank you for your loyalty and patience!  We love our USA clients!