November 3, 2023 @ 5:46 PM

Enlightened Feelings is unique in that we conduct scientific research to help us create superior living flower essences.  Since 2019 we have been mapping specific neuropeptides to establish the connection between specific emotions and their physiological responses.  This allows us to match frequencies remedies that can target the emotional cause of any physical malady


One of the areas we have been researching is ways to help with autism, brain injuries, and stroke.  For example, CT Scans have demonstrated a marked improvement in restoring normal brain function following concussion or mild stroke when our essence fusion EMF Shield is administered daily for 3 weeks.  Although that was not our intent in creating this product, it does appear to reverse the damage and is a happy accidental discovery.  EMF Shield was created simply to de-stress and balance the energetic body when it is exposed to EMF's  


We have also found that we can often help to balance the 'scattered' or 'frenetic' frequencies within the neural network of those with autism and brain injuries.  There appears to be a definitive causal link to heavy metals such as aluminum.  Metals conduct energy, and this can easily 'short-circuit' the delicate electrical pathways of all three nervous systems within the body.  In addition to autism, metals in the brain are linked to alzheimers


We have found that when we create customized essence formulas specifically for an individual, we can reduce symptoms and achieve very positive results in calming involuntary spasms and seizures, and improving behaviours and social skills of those with autism, brain injuries, and recurrent grand mal (tonic-clonic) seizures by balancing and harmonizing the neural network with living flower frequencies.  Flower frequencies captured from living, uncut flowers are bio-identical to the frequencies of the healthy human nervous system  

So far we have focused on teens and adults with autism, at the request of their guardians.  The positive results are significantly apparent to caretakers within days of initiating the protocol.  However, as the study was only conducted for less than a year, we are unsure whether it is permanent, whether it can help everyone to some degree, and whether it may be necessary to use the flower frequencies on an ongoing basis to maintain a higher quality of life and function.  At present we do not work with children under 8 years  

Wouldn't it be wonderful if our research and technology could be developed for use on a larger scale throughout the world to help harmonize the nervous system and lessen the detrimental effects of autism and cognitive disorders?  We would love to partner with a biotech firm to explore this further


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