November 10, 2023 @ 9:31 AM


Do you attract unhealthy relationships?  It may be due to your childhood relationship with your father  


Our Selection of Love & Relationships Essence FusionsWere you abandoned?  Or was your dad abusive, troubled, or emotionally unavailable?  Do you keep choosing troubled or ‘unavailable’ partners (married or emotionally distant)? 


Women tend to keep replaying their father issues through their love relationships!  


To dissolve this self-sabotaging tendency, we recommend our essence fusion FATHER ISSUES.  (We also recommend FATHER ISSUES if you are a male who tends to choose troubled partners to ‘rescue’)



Feeling the pain of rejection and loss?  Try our newst love rescue essence formula UNREQUITED LOVE HEAL.  It helps to gently dissolve feelings of angst, rejection, abandonment, obsession, longing, and lovelessness while instilling uplifting feelings of self-worth, freedom and empowerment  



Do you have trouble holding your balance in relationships?   Do you tend to become needy, jealous, and insecure?  Try our living essence fusion HOLDING MY OWN SPACE



LOVE EMPOWERED essence fusion can help you reopen your heart and recover your loving nature when you feel betrayed or hurt by your partner and have closed down.  This essence opens you to be more loving and forgiving.  It can help you know whether or not you still love and cherish your partner



Are you looking for new love?  You can’t find someone new if you continue with the same routine every day!  Get out of your rut and explore your world.  Try new experiences.  Have some adventures.  Not only does it make you more interesting, it opens opportunities to meet new people


We offer these essence fusions to enhance your attraction factor!  


LOVE MAGNET helps you feel fun and flirty, while increasing your receptivity.  LOVE MAGNET helps attract love and affection of all kinds!


GODDESS is subtly seductive, magnetic, earthy, and enticing—Venus meets Gaia--like a femme fatale.  Men notice!



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