November 13, 2023 @ 10:04 AM

We thought we had found a way to resume shipping to the USA by eliminating alcohol from our formula as a preservative.  But, although the products passed all field trials, we discovered that they may have a significantly shorter shelf life than we initially thought.  So, we are still working to find a formula that works to our high standards.  We are not willing to compromise on the quality or efficacy of these products that you have come to trust and love 

Since our products must, for now, contain alcohol, on the recommendation of our Canadian Dept of of Alcohol, we applied for an alcohol export license, even though our US CBP Binding Ruling states that our products are exempt from duty.  We also applied for a license to operate set up a branch office in the USA to bottle our products   

That's when we discovered the real issue is not with OUR export license.  It is with USA Dept of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms regulations concerning homeopathy and flower essences  

This law was instituted January 1st.  It affects all flower essences, and homeopathic products, too.  Most states do not allow products containing alcohol to be imported directly to the public.  They have to first be sent to a licensed alcohol distributor in the USA, who then sells and ships the products to you.  Licensed businesses can also use the alcohol products in their own business.  For example, we purchase alcohol to add to our own products.  

Some state such as Utah require that the importer be located in that state.  Other states, such as California do not have these restrictions.  


What this means is that if you live in the USA, to place an order our products you must have a business license (EIN) and an alcohol import license.  This information must be included on the US Customs import documents.  (The alcohol license application is free and takes under a month to be issued).  US ATF also recommends filing for an LLC (limited liability company) if you are selling alcohol products.  Once you have a license, you can then use or sell the products and ship them throughout USA

There are also no customs restrictions if you pick up the products yourself and take them back across the border yourself.   Anyone can bring up to 33 X 30 ml bottles of 5% alcohol to USA duty-free.  You can also have our products shipped within Canada to a Canadian who will be travelling to the USA to visit you and can bring the products with them.  But Canadians CANNOT mail or ship products containing alcohol to the USA!  Additionally, if a package is damaged or lost in transit to USA, there is no recourse or re-inbursement.  So, please do not try this!


In the meantime, we have soft-launched our practitioner training program.  Health professionals in the USA who meet our application criterion and are applying for their alcohol import license, can also take the course.  

Once we have certified practitioners in USA, they will be able to distribute our products to you.  So, we urge practitioners to get started on their training.  If you have already pre-registered for our training program in the past, you need to confirm your registration by formally applying now  


Click HERE to apply for our training program ...   


A big thank you to all our loyal USA clients who have waited patiently while we sorted out these complicated export issues!  We have gone above and beyond to try to get our products into USA for you.  We love you and have missed you!

Visit our blog again for the latests updates.  We look forward to assisting you again!