November 15, 2023 @ 5:00 PM


We are excited to announce that we have begun a soft launch of our Level 1 practitioner training certification program!  This 6-module self-paced home-study program is ideal for health-care professionals who want to enhance the efficacy of their current therapies, expand their services, and take their practice to a higher level


Both you and your clients will benefit from incorporating our ready-to-use essence fusions and remedies into your current protocols.  You will learn how to help people effortlessly let go of stress, depression, pain, childhood emotional scars, disabling negative thoughts and behaviours, and you will help them to find true happiness and meaning in life.  Isn't that an amazing gift to give to others?


The 6-module course teaches multiple testing methods as well as how to identify emotional issues by pathology.  You'll learn the science behind what we do, how to set up essences protocols, and how to competently prescribe and dispense our products.  You will integrate the science of the mind-body connection into your own diagnostic procedures and therapies to create unique protocols that ensure stellar life-changing results for your clients.  There is also an holistic business module to help ensure your success while honouring your spiritual values!


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